Victoria Blue Questions

shay2006March 25, 2009

Hi...I have about 8 planted, along with other perennials in my front yard landscaping. I have not planted them before, and was told not to cut them back, and that they should come back in my zone. They were planted last spring, and were just gorgeous. I have seen new growth on all other plants, but not on the VB. Is it too early yet to see new growth? Should I go ahead and cut them back now? If they didn't make it, I will plant as an annual, because I love them so much.

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I live where S.farinacea is Native have no problem growing
those. But Victoria is usually sporatic about being perennial. I have seen whole beds planted that only
a Quarter of them return after winter. The other problem
Victoria has is powdery mildew,the natives don't.Let
us know if yours returns.

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Thanks for your response. I checked yesterday and I saw new growth on a least 4 of the 8!!! Yay! Seems they have made it. I am thrilled and I believe not cutting them back, as I was instructed, was the reason.

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I border zone 6 and 7. I have planted salvia victoria for many years in several different places in my flower beds. I have noticed that in my full sun bed with good drainage throughout the winter my victoria comes back from the same roots. In my partial shade beds where it tends to be a little moist during the winter my salvia does not come back from the same roots but it does reseed it self sometimes. Victoria is sold as an annual here but I have had good luck at having it to come back without extra mulching.

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The new growth I thought I saw never materialized, and none of them came back. I re-planted 16 small plants, about 3 to 4 " tall, in April, and they are growing fast and some are already blooming. I love this plant, and hopefully I'll have better luck next year. We really did have a very cold winter for us this year. They were heavily mulched with pine straw, but I do think it stayed too damp possibly. Either way, I will always have these planted. I just love them so much, and they look so good in my front yard English garden with all my perennials.

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I know the salvia I planted in my partial shade looked so much better throughout our hot dry summers it wasnt as sporatic it seemed to be more full and more vibrant. The layer of mulch also in my shade bed is alot thicker than in my full sun beds. Maybe try not to mulch so heavily around the plant base this fall see what happens I didnt cut mine back last year and my new growth came up straight through clay mud. You would think it would be the total opposite I still continue to look for my salvia in my shade bed but this year none reseeded or came back from the root while in my sun bed they are thicker and bigger than ever and yes blooming right now.

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