Any surprises out there?

cambel(z6-7a DC)June 2, 2011

Ok, here is one.

We were at a grocery store, and saw these two little pretty mini rose bushes, one white and one red.

Well we grabbed them, put them in two small pots out front and then....WOW. HUGE nearly full sized blooms, CRAZY growth, and even scent! And....we have NO idea what type of roses they are! They are now in larger pots and looking fantastic in their second year.

Anybody else pick up something on a whim and have it turn out to be fantastic?

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I love surprises! In March we moved to our forever farm. In front of the house was a huge bed of weeds, grass, Va Creeper, poison ivy... I started cleaning out the bed and found a tiny 4" sprig of a rose bush.. I dug it up cleaned the bed up and replanted it, fertilized it good.. WELL, in three months, It has grown 6ft, is full of red roses-- I think it is a Don Juan... I will prune it and move it in the fall and put it a permanent place with it's own trellis...

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

queenbee - I had the same experience when we moved to our new house. Tiny 2" sprig. I took it out of the hellish ground - tons of rocks and tree roots. Now I have a lovely Morden Blush rose (in a pot - ground is terrible here)


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