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treebarb Z5 DenverDecember 2, 2013

I know a few of us order from Potato Garden (Ronnigers).
I got an email today that their prices are increasing $1 - $2 per pound on January 1, 2014. You can pre-order now through December 31st at the current prices. Just specify your desired delivery date in spring. Just thought you might want to know.



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I have never grown potatoes. I was daydreaming about it this summer and I'm planning to grow some next year. I would like to grow two different kinds and am hoping to do the wooden box method. (If I buy my husband that new drill he wants, I'm sure I can get him to build them!)

I went onto the potatogarden website, I even watched the dirty jobs video from their farm. I want to order seed potatoes from them. I'm definitely into the GMO free thing.

My boxes will be about 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 feet maybe? Hmmm how many pounds of seed do I need? What kind? I would like one fingerling and one kind I can bake because that is how my daughter loves them. Anyone want to go together on an order? I'll try what you're trying!

Thanks for any potato advice for a newbie!

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You will have to wait for another "partner" in that potato purchase, Cat. However, I came across a report on potato growing in the Organic Gardening magazine that is linked below.

Pay close attention to the pro's & con's of each method. I don't believe the guy mentioned the costs of building anything but he quickly covers his experiences and gives gardeners an idea of what might work best for them.

As he says, hilled rows are a "proven method that farmers have used for millennia." (Most everything else he was up to has had somewhat of a shorter trial. ;o)


Here is a link that might be useful: 7 ways to plant potatoes

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treebarb Z5 Denver

Very helpful, Steve!

I tried them in tires the first year, was my best harvest. Beginners luck I think. I tried again in raised beds the year before last, but don't think I dug deep enough and didn't get much.

Cat, I emailed you and am planning to order soon. I'll send you another email today with the varieties I'm looking at.


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