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alameda/zone 8March 16, 2014

I have not grown this salvia before - just bought 2 each of the purple, the coral, a pink and a yellow. I was just reading that they can tend to get leggy and woody. I plan to plant them in beds in full sun with other plants [roses, daylilies, annuals]. Would they work there? I would like to keep them about 12-24" tall and like the fresh green growth they are exhibiting now. Can I accomplish that by keeping them cut back? Do they bloom all season? What fertilizer, if any, do they need? Thanks for any advice!


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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

You will need to know which varieties they are, because there is a lot of variability in size, habit, tolerance of soil types, drought, and humidity.

Some selections do well in cooler climates and are more hardy, while others need cooler nights, since they are adapted to higher altitudes. The latter include most of the orangey to yellow forms, which are taxonomically considered x jamensis, or greggii x microphylla hybrids. They are generally marketed as greggiis or without species names

Who knows what the big breeders are doing? The Heatwave series is from Australia, so their properties are probably optimized for southeastern Oz.

Some of the forms get quite large and leggy in the southeastern US..

Also, they are likely to be 2 to 3.5 feet tall in size for the most part. Breeders strive for marketable plans for the southwestern part of the US. Compactness is hard to achieve.

The most durable and small greggii forms I know are Furman's Red, Pink Preference, Dwarf Pink (can't find it so far), and Texas Wedding, which is the varietal name for the alba (white) form.

Are you located in northeastern or southeastern Texas? If you are east of Dallas, you are in good shape. If you are near Houston, decisions will be more critical, since you have hot, humid mights

If you have heavy soils, you may need to have raised beds for drainage.. Builder's (Washed) sand is advised as the main component.

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alameda/zone 8

What I have is salvia x jamensis Golden Girl, salvia greggii "Pink", "Violet" and "Coral".

I am 2 hours NE of Houston in east Texas. I thought of putting them in the raised beds I have for my roses and daylilies - excellent soil and I keep them watered, and they are in full sun.

I use a lot of lavender colors in my beds and particularly like the Violet salvia - really hope to succeed with this one. Thanks for any advice you can offer.


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I grow a fair amount of Salvia greggii. I don't keep track of their names. There are so many of them . It makes my head spin. I cut them back in months that begin with J. Someone told me that and it stuck in my head. Since they are still blooming in June like the dickens, that means January and July. The January clip is a harsher one. This keeps things very bushy on the most part and encourages a beautiful fall bloom.. I have mine in part shade with periods of intense morning sun on a limestone hill without irrigation. More because of my gardening situation than because of wishes. They do survive in style. I also have some in full sun and they also thrive.I have Pink preference and Dark Dancer and some others. I do not buy them from Big Box stores. I get them from a neigborhood nursery that gets them from Texas growers in the area.

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