Sans. "Lance Armstrong"

roberto2January 27, 2013

This is the cultivar name I suggest for this plant. I found it in a local Garden Center, where no one (as usual!!) could explain to me its origin. I strongly suspect it is the last cry in feeding paclobutrazol (Bonzi) to Sans. which is a common practice In Thailand. The new shoots, as You can see, are the usual size and shape of cylindrica. A case to be judged by the International Antidoping Agency (Tropical Plants Department).
C:\Users\Roberto\Documents\massaff\andalusia 06-2012 012.JPG

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Roberto, Did you bring this one home with you? Hmmm, I wonder what kind of "dope" it would take to grow something like this.

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No, i didn't buy it as the new growths will revert to normal, slim plants. The secret recipe to make these monsters was first revealed three years ago... guess where?

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