Sansevieria trifasciata 'Golden Hahnii' - Gorgeous!

marguerite_gwJanuary 31, 2004

I got one yesterday in Woodie's - it is a beautiful colour, so bright and cheerful; this one is really healthy, and just like its common name, bird's nest! From what I read, they're not that easy - is this true?

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elsier(z6 KY)

Marguerite, I have had no trouble with mine. The "golden hahnii" is inside under artificial lights and there is a 'hahnii" in the greenhouse. However they are very slow growing and not as prolific as the Sans. trifasciata varieties that I also grow. Those multiply rapidly and I have many pots. The Sans. t. "golden hahnii" and 'hahnii" are seldom moved to larger pots, just repotted occassionally with fresh soil.
I hate when someone asks me for a cutting of one of the "hahnii" as I rarely have extras.
Good luck with yours.


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Thanks, Elsie, that's given me some confidence!

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madgardener_ETN(Z7 SE TN)

From what source could I locate a Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Golden Hahnii' ? I've been searching for one now for 19 years. I live in Dandridge, Tennessee but am no stranger to ordering from catalogs. thanks in advance.

madgardener up on the ridge, back in Fairy Holler, overlooking English Mountain in Eastern Tennessee zone 7, Sunset zone 36

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Golden hahnii is one of the most beautiful sans, but in my experience it is trickier than some of the others. By that I mean that it's much more sensitive to watering and temperature.

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madgardener_ETN(Z7 SE TN)

Tricky or not, who would I find a specimen from? I'm serious about locating a source. I've looked for this plant for well over 19 years now. Any leads are appreciated. I can be reached in my e-mail

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madgardener- (4" pot $6.95) (? size $7.50) (available when it warms up) (? size $6.80)
There are a few possibilities....

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wayner2000(5b Ontario)

Marguerite, I have been looking for this variety for some time also. I have the s. trifasiata laurentii, s. trifasciata and s. hahnii. I have wanted the S. Golden hahnii for a very long time and cannot find it here in Canada. Any suggestions, please email me if you know where I may be able to find one....Many thanks in advance....Wayne

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How about the exchange forum here? Do you have to trade with Canadians, or can you trade with Americans, etc.?

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I haven't checked them all, but Smoley's ships internationally. If you check any of the websites, they'll tell you about international shipping.
Tropiflora has 'Golden Hahnii' listed in their latest "Cargo Report", too, $10 for a 6" pot. You can bet their 6" pot will have quite a few plants in it- they give good measure! They ship internationally, too. Shipping might be pricey for a big plant, sent potted, though. You could email any of those places to ask about foreign shipping charges.

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Did you all find the Sansevieria trifasciata 'golden Hahnii'? If you haven't a nursery sells them here in the 6 and 10 in pot they have a couple plants in each they are big. They sell the 6 in for 10.00 and the 10 in for 17.50. They need to be planted up they are very compacted.

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kjtessanne(8 Bryan, TX)

I got one of these when GHW visited our CSS meeting in November. It has sort of gotten neglected over the winter, it's on my south window table but in the back, hardly any water. And I discovered that it through up a pup the other day. Woohoo! What's better, my sans "pulsar" is also throwing one up. I can't wait till they get bigger.

:) Kim

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kjtessanne(8 Bryan, TX)

Bonifacio....Unfortunately I came home from Easter break to find that this one, which was doing so well before, had rotted. I am currently trying to save the pup. However, I'd be really interested in the pots you mentioned here in this post. If you read this please send me an email. I also emailed you through GW.

Thanks, Kim

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Mine came through the winter fine, anyway, and seems to have grown quite a bit. All the little ones have grown bigger! Nothing too much to be frightened of, so.

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When we had them at the garden center, they seemed not to like to get their leaves wet, or they would get fungus. In fact, they didn't like much water at all. We had to take them away from the others and put them with the cactus so we could control the watering.

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deefar(zone 5 NY)

check ebay, I just bought one from there.

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I bought one a week ago from Wal-Mart. It was clearance priced at $1.73.

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Wal-Mart has them a lot for $2.47 for persons searching in the states.


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amany(MI / 6)

I bought one today at Home Depot. It's an Exotic Angel. It was mislabeled as a peperomia magnolifolia. $2.79

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This is a beautiful and widely available cv. It is however problematical. It needs VERY CONTROLLED WATERING and demands
warmth and bright light. It apparently does well in a light
garden. Mine from Home Depot rotted away after a single watering. The plant was already wet and in a peat based soil when purchased. I should have let it dry out completely and then repotted it. It rotted even though it had an extensive
root system. It requires careful, controlled husbandry and I
have learned that once it starts to rot you can't stop it. I
have not seen it in either Lowe's, Home Depot or Wal*Mart in
Tucson Arizona but it does appear at certain times of the
year in Louisville, KY and obviously elsewhere. Read all the comments on this cv. on this Garden Web forum.
Michael D. Barclay

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flicker(z8b LA)

I have bought 2 golden hahniis on ebay. both were in nice shape when I got them. I have many sansevierias and think golden hahnii is the pickiest so far.
Home Depot has jade hahnii and jade marginated hahnii frequently down here. I have never see golden hahnii there. If you are a frequent plant buyer at a store, ask to speak to the person ordering. They may order a few gh. But get there the day they arrive or the waterers will try to drown them.

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I got my golden hahni at walmart supercenter

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