Salvia apiana

warddaMarch 24, 2009

Is Salvia apiana growable in the east if grown in xeric conditions. A garden helper wants to grow it and sell it bundled for incense. That is fine with if it is fine with the plant.

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Some of the California Salvias make it here apiana is one
of them. Maybe Rich has grown that so he can answer the question being closer to you.I know we can grow them over the winter here(in containers) but our summer is to hot
and it fries the plants in pots. They may be able to make a coarse sand bed so the crown is dry. If they do try to
experiment with that keep us posted. I have learned alot
just from trial and error.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

I've never had any luck with the California sages in North Carolina. They don't like the hot, humid summer nights and their roots rot out in protracted summer rains and winter wet. They need raised sand beds to even grow well during nice summers, and congested foliage, especially around the base, results in mildew and fungus attacks.

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I suspected that was the case. There is an area in the park where recent dredge sand is about 4 feet deep, nothing much will grow there. To call it well drained would be an understatement. Perhaps she could try it there? Pachyphylla has managed to stay with us for 3 years now in the park, so maybe there is slight hope. I don't want to discourage such a willing helper, good ones with hoop houses aren't easy to find. Is seed germination problematic?

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

I don't know, but the 100 ppm treatment with GB-3 for 30 minutes with shaking was developed for Salvia sonomensis, and it works for Phlomis and the other California sages I tried.

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