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mfyssJanuary 6, 2007

I have not often tried to propagate new Sans by putting a severed leaf in potting medium, but did so with a damaged S. fischeri (=singularis). The single leaf has sent up 4 new starts. I would appreciate hearing about the number others have gotten from leaf propagation of Sans. Yale

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rhodostom(z6 MO)


Leaf propagation of sansevieria is pretty easy. I usually let the leaves dry for between a few days (parva) and 3 weeks (ehrengergii). I then place the leaf in my regular potting mix and water sparingly. Keeping the plants on a heat mat helps the process, and taking cuttings in the spring is when I have had the best luck.

This far I've been very very successful with this method on many species. Having four pups from one leaf is not uncommon (at least in my experience).


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Yale,

I do this often & for the most part, have gotten 1 pup per leaf. I do recall a few yrs. ago, a "basaball bat" type Sans leaf I started threw 2 pups (tho' I later discovered that under the mix the 2 pups were attached to each other by their rhizome).

Sometimes I'll cut a rather long leaf (18") in 3 segments & start them that way, they'll yield several pups, but until I unpot them, I can't tell if they're attached to each other or not.

Right now I have a set-up like this of a Cylindrica-type leaf & divided into thirds, have spouted 2 pups so far.

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

S. fisherii, I have received at least 8, the largest ones I take off and give them their own 4" pot. Did you notice that the young leaf does not look anything like their parent. When I took off the first six, I left the mother leaf in the pot, and lo and behold I got six more. So don't give up the ship until it has sunk.
Warmth has a great deal to do with how soon they will give you a baby. There are two forms of S. fisherii. Karen if I didn't explain this properly you may edit. All species can be started by leaf. Hybrid who knows what you will get. Seeds well that is another story. Variegated forget it. Do only offsets. Did that answer the question? Norma

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Has anyone had success rooting 'birds nest sansevieria' from leaf cutting? It is a small form which I have heard called Hahnii silver frost. I have been told it won't grow from cuttings, wonder if anyone has tried? I would like to share this plant with friends however it seems to propagate quite slow on it's own (last years new plantlets remain a meer 1-2" in height.)

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

They will propagate quite rapidly when it's is warm. It will have a ring of six or more offsets around the mother plant. I will start watering and fertilizing weekly after April 5 I have had hail one year April 4. Very few variegated plants will will start variegated offsets from a leaf, and most hybirds won't come true from a leaf. These are best started from rhizomes, stolens leaving at least a 2" stem on the cutting. Many have tried and it has been proven. S. hahnii need more warmth than other Sansevieria, they also need to have reg. water in the summer months, as that is when they grow. Let us know how this works out for you. Karen check this over and reword if necessary. Norma

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