Whitish substance on S. t. Nelsoni - Help!

lainielady(z5OH)January 9, 2004

There appears to be growing on an offset of my S. t. Nelsoni - a whitish substance going up the stalk. I haven't really been overwatering this(I hope) knowing its sparsely watering rquirements, but this really has me concerned. It almost resembles a mold, not a solid growth but spotty going up the leaf, but I'm not sure and I am wondering what to do?? The plant is in a room with temps. between 65 to 70 degrees, I don't believe it is overpotted, only watered about every 3 or so weeks and them lightly. I cannot see any rot on the leaf. What should I do? Any suggestions would be appreciated. - Elaine

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Just my update on the substance attacking my S. t. 'Nelsoni' and now my S. t. 'Bantels's Sensation' and S. t. 'Jade Dwarf Marginated'. I don't believe that it is foliar mealy bug infestation as I had that several years ago on African Violets, but I cannot absolutely rule it out. My leaning is towards a fungal infection of some sort resembling the mealy bugs' whitish substance, especially as some of the leaves appeared as if having a fungus or very slight whitish mildew appearance. But, what I have done is remove all whitish "spots"(some looked like meringue peaks with spores) with alcohol swabs, treated the soil with Marathon, then sprayed with Daconil solution for fungus. And they are isolated. I hope I don't kill them, but figured they were well on their way out anyway with whatever infestation they have. I value these plants, as well as all my others, and many times I am in the dark(at least I am) as to treatments, especially for sans and some others. My S. t. 'Bantels's Sensation'
(I have 2) have been doing well and I was so happy, but then one day you look closely and get a very unpleasant surprise. Anyway, I just wanted to share and would still welcome any comments or experiences similar. - Elaine

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