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cindra(z5b Ont)March 21, 2007

This is my first year growing Salvia. I have several different kind that have sprouted from seed. Some have their first true set of leaves. rich_dufresne recommended that I use Peters 8-45-14 Plant Starter but since the seedlings already have their first set of leaves I don't have time to wait for it to come through the mail so I bought some Plant Prod 10-52-10 Plant Starter Fertilizer to use on the seedlings-is that ok?

Also, I've noticed on the S. praeclara seedlings that some of the stems are red and some are green, is this normal?

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Plant Prod 10-52-10 Plant Starter Fertilizer should work. Just follow directions for strength and frequency of application.

The variable color of the stem probably won't mean much. Perhaps when it flowers, there will be a similar color spread in the calyxes or other plant parts. Hybrids are always possible, or the variation could simply be a reflection the richness of the gene pool.

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cindra(z5b Ont)

Thank you so much for your reply. My seedlings now are working on their second set of true leaves. It is very exciting for me to see them progressing at the rate that they are. I am thinking of pinching them after they have four sets of true leaves. Does anyone pinch Salvia's?

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

I would not pinch them back until they get around 6-8 inches tall, are in individual pots, and are growing robustly with good roots in the pot reaching the perimeter. Pinching or taking cuttings too soon will seriously set the plants back and may cause the root system to rot. If the soil holds water for more than 4 days before watering, it is too small.

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