Mixed Varieties in one pot

lme5573January 8, 2013

Shopping at a local green house/grocery store, and found this 6" pot of sans - at least 3 different varieties. It looks as though it was the end of the day and they shoved in all the left overs, or maybe they were trying for a bouquet of sans.

I bought it mainly for the big one in the center - no margins, and the backs of the leaves are light green with dark green markings. It is about 12" high.

I see 4 leaves with yellow margins, and I think they are leaves only. It looks like I have 2 or 3 bird's nest tucked in there. One of those is almost black with bright green markings. No margins. I have one pup, and it looks white with green markings, no margins. But it is very young, and will need to grow before I can ID that.

I need opinions - will it hurt to wait till spring to divide it? I would expect to see zero roots if I divided these plants, and I think I might want warmer weather so I can have some success.

I'll add another picture to show more plants. Lennie

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Another view.

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I would wait until Spring to repot.....unless you have them in very warm and light conditons. I wonder if they did shove mixed types together.............or if the margined plant sported the all green one (happens sometimes). You will have to wait until you do decide to unpot to see if they are connected.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I think Woodnative is right. They look like rooted cuttings of Sansevieria trifasciata Laurentii. Which would result in trifasciata. Maybe those leaves were from Sansevieria trifasciata 'Compacta', which would result in Robusta. Which is a wider shorter growing trifasciata. The young would look like the shorter hahnii. I had the same happen to me. Below is the picture.

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I agree - the Laurentii has sported. That explains what I was seeing. I'm fascinated. I see lots of variety, each plant has a bit different color, texture or shape. My house is definitely on the cold side, so I will leave it as is and maybe repot in the spring. Thanks!

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On some species all of the leaves can be different.
So don't be surprised, just enjoy the differences. ll

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