salvia newbie-need help please

cindra(z5b Ont)March 17, 2007

I sowed S. Coccinea and S. Praeclara on March 14th and today I have seedlings popping up. I read somewhere that I have to replant the seedlings as soon as they show up? Is this correct? I only sowed them on the 14th so was surprised to see so many sprouts already. I have never sowed or grown Salvia before but I may be hooked!! I really want to be able to grown these into big beautiful plants- being my first babies and all! Any help/advice would be appreciated.

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ramazz(8a VA)

Hi. You don't need to replant them as soon as they come up. If you had them covered, you need to uncover them to prevent damping off, and put them under a grow light or fluorescent light. The reason I replant some of mine is because I use a mini-greenhouse setup and most of the seeds haven't sprouted. So the unsprouted seeds still need the humidity, but the sprouts don't.


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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

The rule of thumb for pricking out seedlings is to replant them when they have two pairs of fully developed leaves. It is more important to have fat, sassy, robust seedlings. This means having the growing tops near the light source, but not touching. Bottom heat at 70-75 degrees helps. Fertilization should begin about the same time the second pair of leaves is halfway developed. The internal supply of nutrients will begin to exhaust at this time. There is a special formulation for seed starting. Light applications are done at first.

I would do the same with cuttings. Once these have begun to root, they withstand transplant shock with some fertilization at least one day before replanting.

I like to let my seedlings fatten up in the greenhouse for a week before transplanting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Peters 8-45-14 Plant Starter

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cindra(z5b Ont)

Thank you Becky and Rich!

I wasn't sure if I needed to use lights to help the seeds sprout or not but since most of them are surface sowed I opted to try the lights.

I have plenty of window sills but don't feel like playing chase with the cat, that is why I used the lights.

Today I noticed I also have some Salvia splendens spouting along with some Coral Nymphs. I don't know what I got myself into and I never expected to have germination rates as high as I am seeing, I sure my flower bed will not be big enough and I don't have the other beds ready yet.

Someone told me I cannot plant different kinds in the same bed because they will cross pollinate, is this true? What do you suggest?

Thank you again!

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

As long as you have bees, it is possible to get hybrids from plants 9 miles away. The closer they are together, the more likely they are to cross.

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cindra(z5b Ont)

Okay, thanks Rich. I guess I will just have to take my chances then because we only have 3 acres. Also, thanks for your website, I've been surfing it and have enjoyed it so much! Holy mackerel, I never knew I was getting advice from the Sultan of Salvias!! And Splinter is soooo cute!!!

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how quickly do salvia's need to be transplanted from say a medium sized planter to the ground and how quickly do they normally grow... also if they are not transplanted but pruned to stay small would that help lengthen the time frame to keep them in a medium sized planter ( say 2'wide X 4-5' long X 2' tall)?

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