A miracle!

melissa_thefarm(NItaly)January 16, 2008

I have a young, growing collection of Sansevierias as part of my gardening life. My husband doesn't like them. He's not much of a plant enthusiast himself, but insofar as he likes plants at all, he wants flowers, the bigger and brighter the better. Shades of green and plant architecture don't do it for him at all, especially when the plants have to live indoors in the winter, and he grumbles at my worthless Sans. and incomprehensible enthusiasms.

Anyway, today he brought me home a Sansevieria he found at Coop that he thought I would like. Surprise number two, he recognized it as a kind I didn't have! I wouldn't have thought he'd be able to tell, but he was right. The Sansevieria is possibly one of the Futura group, tulip shaped leaves midway in height between the tall trifasciatas and the Hahniis. The leaves have a strong gold border like 'Laurentii' and inside are deep rich green practically without crossbanding. It's a nice plant, and I have a good, good husband.


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Congratulations! What do you think it is?
Maybe 'Midnight Shine' or a large 'Jade Dwarf Marginated'?
Either way, good!

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The coloring of my new Sansevieria is the same as 'Jade Dwarf Marginated', but my plant is taller than the classic 'Hahnii', which I thought was about the height of 'Jade Dwarf Marginated'. I don't know 'Midnight Shine'. Yes, I am happy about my new plant, AND the way it came to me.

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