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pinkiemarie(5)January 27, 2013

I have a couple of sans that I got last fall. I haven't noticed any growth but I'm not overly concerned about that as they're in a kind of dark corner and it's winter.

So. I've been watering thoroughly and then letting it dry out for about two weeks before I water again. Is this an appropriate watering schedule for this type of plant? I'm getting slightly conflicting information in my searches.

Also, notice they're in huge pots because as they grow they'll bust right out of a pot...these guys don't need to be root bound, do they?

How fast do they grow? I'm itching to see some height!

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Last question. Based on the shape of the leaves and the way they're growing, I'm wondering if this guy is a variety that won't grow very tall. Does anyone have any idea?

PS, sorry for the poor quality of the pix. Stupid cell phone!

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They're all pretty slow growers and sorta thrive on neglect. The best potted ones I've seen indoors were when their owners forgot they were there!
As long as you're not over-watering, then they'll be fine.
As for the little guys, I have them planted outside (Florida) They're about 5 years old and don't get any taller than what you've got there... but they SPREAD. If you're growing indoors, perhaps a long, rectangular "window box" would look really clever.... thus freeing up this pot for something more substantial?

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I don't know the light requirements for your taller one... I'm sure someone (everyone) here knows more about this than I do. ;)

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The second one looks like one of the 'hahni' types which are dwarf and a nice looking one at that. The first, top one hard to tell but looks like it might be a 'futura' type or 'Compacta'.....both which are upright but not too tall. I think Sans really like decent light with some sun but will survive less for long periods.....esp. the green types. The more variegated types are more tricky. You watering is probably fine as long as it is not too cool and the plants don't sit waterlogged. This coming Spring with more light and warmth you should see new growth. Sometimes not until later on in the summer......they may seem to sit there and do nothing in Spring when in actuality they start forming the underground runners that will pop up as new pups later on.

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The 2nd one is really nice looking in person. It's probably about 65 degrees where they are. Maybe not warm enough, but not too cold I hope. Thanks for the info woodnative :)

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65 degrees is plenty warm, and they will do well, just that this time of the year is not their growing season. Once a month watering this time of the year they can survive on. They do need some light however to grow. Make sure they get air as well, most people forget that indoor plants need air as we do. Norma

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I've had bad luck with over potted plants and try to avoid it. Generally the soil says wet for too long. If you have good drainage that might help. Good luck to you and happy growing.

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