overwintering salvia subrotunda

ramazz(8a VA)March 25, 2008

I did not expect this to happen, so I am sharing a happy experience. My salvia subrotunda plants dropped seed and I had quite a few seedlings coming up - in October. I did not want them all to die, so I dug them up, brought them in the house, and put them in our "Florida room," which has a lot of windows but is not really that sunny (too many trees). It is also heated by a wood stove, so the temperature is variable, but never below freezing.

My plants are thriving, and two are blooming. They are not nearly as tall as the ones that were outside, but I expected them to hate being in this indoor environment. I plan to put them out in the yard as soon as there is no danger of them freezing.



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Because they are such a quick growing annual I've never attempted to winter them over indoors. The seeds remain viable outdoors through our winters and come back by the hundreds once the soil warms in the 2nd half of May. I wonder how big your indoor plants will eventually get?

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ramazz(8a VA)

Well, I had two plants last year and while they grew pretty fast, they didn't bloom very early. So I'm expecting these to give me a headstart on flowers. I had no idea what to expect as far as seed quantity was concerned, but you are right, they produce an enormous amount of seed. If I get hundreds of them, I will be listing them on the plant exchange. I have been giving seeds away to lots of people, so there should be a lot of happy butterflies this summer, and hummingbirds, too.

I just hated to let them die outside and figured it would be an interesting experiment.


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Glad you had some success overwintering the subrotunda. Its something I ought to try but the only place I would put them would be in the garage . I have an inwall heater in which I could keep them from freezing and I could put a shoplight outthere. Might be worth a try since mine died out over the winter.

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I just recently had an experience with subrotunda that is a bit hard to believe. Last year I gave my sister some seedlings which grew huge and they dropped plenty of seed in her 53 rock gravel driveway. Now she has a slew of them growing up in that rock. It simply amazes how or why they can do that , she doesnt water that area plus we are in drought conditions currently , she thought they were weeds till I told her. I got 4 of the bigger ones out and brought them home put them in potting soil and they are already starting to come back. What a hardy plant growing in rock, wow.

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hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)

I've only seen a couple coccinea seedlings so far this season, but a nice patch of subrotunda seedlings popped up. My two main plants(started indoors) are finally starting to grow out after not doing much through early June. I know from last year these things will grow fast for the next two months and be huge and full of blooms during the hummers' south migration. I certainly would not bother trying to overwinter this plant.

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This is one that appears to be able to grow anywhere if it will grow in rock. The tap root and few other roots were thicker harder and tougher than you would normally see on this kind of plant. There was no rootball just 4 or 5 strong roots. To grow in the rock it had to develop this way. There had to be the tiniest bit of soil but I found none around the roots.

But yes I agree with comments above if it wont overwinter in your area seeds and seedlings are easy to come by.

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