HELP!!! My snake plant is dying

mrjoss(9b)January 26, 2014


I have a big problem with my snake plants. Please see the picture and let me know what is it and how I can treat it.


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My other Snake plant has the brown spot. I am not sure if it is the same disease but some leaves have already died.
I really appreciate your help!!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I wouldn't assume that it's dying, but it does appear to be injured.

Have you been moving them recently or moving furniture around them? Looks like mechanical injury to me; are there pets nearby?

Pls. provide more pix of the 2nd plant, showing the whole pot & showing the mix.

Not trying to to give you a hard time, but we need to see the whole plant, what kind of the mix you're using (too far a shot to tell), what type of pot, how long since the mix has been changed, how often you've been watering, etc.

All of these factors influence the plant & its growth. We can't just guess necessarily by looking at just the damaged portions of the plants alone.

Bottom line is you MAY have to turn them out of the pot to check for root rot. That's the only way I know to be sure if the roots look OK.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

When did you noticed this first?
How long have you owned this plant?
Is there any thing different than last year?
You can always cut the dead porting out or entire leaf.
So far, I agree with PG. Need more.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I've had a couple of Sans with leaf damage similar to what you show in your second set of pictures (started out looking like the second picture in that group and proceeded quickly - within days - to look like the first picture of that second group). Both times, I removed the entire leaf and had no further problems. I do not really suspect root rot in my case, but I'm not sure what caused the damage. I do know it definitely wasn't from pet/mechanical damage to the leaves.

One thing I have wondered about is whether it has anything to do with oil from the kitchen getting on the leaves. Both plants that had the issue were in my kitchen window and, when I looked closely, had traces of grease from cooking on the leaves. We keep the kitchen pretty clean, but there's no way to really keep some residue from getting on plants leaves in that room.

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Hi Thanks for your quick answers

pirate_girl: Yes, it's dying. I have had to take out a several leaves. it starts like a small spot and start growing. I do not have pets or kids so mechanical damage, I dont think so. I will take the roots pictures tomorrow.

Stush2049: I bought the sans at Lowes about 8 months ago and re-poted it to the pot you see in the first picture. about 4 months ago started with one leave and the leave died in about 1 month. Later it appears in others leaves. I have attached a soil's picture . I used miracle-gro " Cactus, palm and citrus soil". I water the sans every 3 weeks. If I cut the damage part , I will lose several leaves because most of the leaves already have the spots.

I found out online this... I am not sure if that could be the reason, anyway I have not found a fungicide to treat it.

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brandon7 : yes, it started like a small brown spot ( second set of pictures) and grew. I have that plant in the bathroom and the other one at dining room far away from the kitchen.

Please see the attached URL,

Here is a link that might be useful: snake plant fungus

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I've seen something similar on a Sans I purchased at Lowes last year. It had a couple brown spots that almost had a soggy feeling to them. It wasn't cold damage or rot, as this was purchased during the warm months of the year and the spots were present on the upper portions of the leaves. I looked up Sans fungus and stumbled across some pictures that looked like my plant. The website talked about some sort of fungus found in Sans that does spread. It wouldn't suprise me if the suppliers to these BBS have certain issues with their plants but they don't appear early on... or maybe they're aware that they're selling subpar plants and just don't care.

Anywho, I returned the plant after being pretty sure it had a fungus. The gross part about mine was I saw what looked like a brown blister on another section of leaf. I poked it and it popped, squirting something on my face.


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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

I had those puss spots on my 'Moon Shine' plant. Caused by being in direct sun. I did loose the plant and don't know it from those brown puss spots or some thing else. I haven't had that problem again.
The dead spots are something different. Dry, brown and not a fast spreader. You may loose some leaves but new ones should grow back. Could be sun burn from a few months ago, or the plant is going into shock and sheading leaves, this is very rare in Sanseveria. Don't think this is fungus. Fungus usually starts at the base and kills the whole plant.
Need some more experts to chime in please.

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Are you watering it in the wrong months, is there a change of climate, they also need good air circulation. I am not an expert. I jusst have been growing them longer then most of you, and have more species as well. Perhaps it needs faster draining mix with moore pumice or volcanic rocks, small rocks, any thing better, they DO NOT LIKE MOSS, OR TOO MUCH ORGANIC MATTER IN THE MIX. If you live in a eastern state this may be the matter, ask Pirate Girl how she grows hers, she comes from New York I have NO PEAT MOSS IN MY SOIL MIX. You showed your soil mix, that is definitly your problem. only 10% or organic matter please. Now if you don't want that response don't ask the question. I am getting very touchy in my old age. ;o]

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Laura Robichaud

I had those on a Golden Hahnii, I "rescued" last April. I repotted in a gritty mix, kept it outside all summer, it seemed to do fine. Then it went on slow decline. First the main plant succumbed to the brown/dry spot fungus. I thought I could save the pup, so I separated the pup and repotted in fresh mix and discarded the mother plant. The pup just rotted. I hope it goes better for you. Golden Hahnii does tend to be a touchier Sans than your, though.

I thought for sure I could save this plant. I think next time I'll start with a healthier one!

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Next time try a warmer environment. And yes I agree these are the most fussy ones to survive our winter months. I am keeping mine in a large fish tank with shop lights on top. As long as I can keep them about 75 degrees they stay alive. At 80 degrees they start to thrive. The other one I am having trouble with is S. t. Forescate. It is growing but not thriving.

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Hi Norma

I repot the sans in the second picture (see attached a picture) with sand/ small rocks mix. I cut the leaves with the brown spots. I will change the soil for the bigger sans ( first picture). do you have any other advice?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Am sorry to have to tell you this, but sand is one of the WORST things you could have used as mix for your plants. It's one of the few things most of us always advise against using. Will clog up the roots & get compacted, impeding the plant's ability to drink & breathe. Sorry, but this was a bad move.

Please read up on mixes for Sans. before changing it again.

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Blake Hutchison

Speaking as somebody who has a 6-foot sansevieria...and a room in my home that is full of them, Never EVER use Miracle-Gro with a Sansevieria. It seems to be the one thing that can kill them. Every time I have heard of anyone using Miracle-Gro on a Sansevieria, it died. No Miracle-Gro!

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Blake Hutchison

Here's my 6-footer...

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