I need an ID for this.

PeaBee4(9a)January 14, 2004

Please go over to The Gallery on the Garden Party Forum and check out this picture.

It is a small shrub that grows along a salt marsh and the causeways. The berries are small, hard, bright red and waxy looking. They are borne in clusters on the branches of the bush and have little or no stems. It bears the berries in the late fall and winter.

My husband calls it a Scenic Berry. I call it Seneca. I suspect that neither is correct.

Anyone know?



Here is a link that might be useful:

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It looks like an Ilex species (holly).

It's not Dahoon or possumhaw though--the shurb is much too small, especially for dahoon (even though it grows in wet areas).

I wonder if its a form of yaupon holly....

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Thanks, I agree that it is some kind of Ilex. I feel that it must have a common name as most of the wild things do. I did a search on both dahoon and possumhaw, but neither of them mention salt tolerance. It doesn't seem to be bothered by conditions that would kill fresh water bog plants. The leaves aren't right either.

This particular bush grows right on the edge of a marsh and its roots will be washed with salt water twice a day as the tide comes in. It could be a variety of the yaupon. The leaf looks more like a yaupon.

Oh well, I can always just tell the DH that's it's a Seneca Berry and he can tell me that it's a Scenic Berry. The marriage will survive!!

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I was also toiling last night and thought of inkberry (I. glabra), since they do stand wet feet and some salt...

But, inkberries are normally black, although a white cultivar or subspecies exists.

So, I'm wondering too.

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eric7(8B SC COAST)

Yes, it is most likely Yaupon Holly. I have two large specimens in my yard along with many other smaller ones scattered along the woodline. They have a weeping habit once they get to be of some size. The mockingbirds love the berries and they are very tolerant of drought and less than ideal conditions.

Eric D

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treebait(9a NE Fl)

This grows all over my area. We call it Indian Hawthorn.

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Indian Hawthorn berries are not red, they're black. Then again, Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis indica) won't be an ubiquitous exotic that is all over...

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