Sans seeds

denise_gw(5)January 19, 2004

Can someone tell me about sowing Sans seeds? I've got a seed pod on one that finished flowering awhile back (this is my first seed pod - I had no idea they were self-fertile...) The pod is still green - should I wait for it to dry out completely before I take it off the flower stalk (which is starting to whither now)? I've never had success growing anything from seed, so any suggestions would be helpful. I know this time of year may not be the best time, so would it be ok to freeze the seed and sow in a couple of months?

Denise in Omaha

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

It has been a few days and no experts have jumped onto your question so I will share what I have done with some success. I would let the pod dry on the stem until it starts to crack open a bit. If I recall correctly you may get bored waiting. I would remove the seeds and wash them with some dilute bleach (1:5 in water) for about 15 minutes. I would then scratch the seed with a fine nail emery or very fine sandpaper. Plant in moist sterile soil and cover so the soil won't dry out. Before germination you may get bored because it may take a while. Then - you may really get bored! The new plant may grow very slowly for a few years.

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Denise, since these orginated in Africa, I would be cautious about freezing the seeds. I have never been, nor done a lot of research on, but Africa and freezing are not things I think of in the same sentence!

I am so jealous of you getting seed. I have been trying for several years now. Crassula Norma told me I could hand pollinate by making a ring with thumb and fingers and 'stroking' the different flowers in a circular and rising/lowering motion. Now that I've really stepped in it, describing that, I didn't get seed either.

Please stop make every so often, and give us status reports so that when we catch up, we have some idea what to do, also! Things here seem to move a little slower than other places, but you still learn the most amazing things.

PS, I moved, and am now going to be growing in a Yard, and a concrete apron, rather than a balcony. Have to find all the shady places for the Haworthia's now. And get the lathe house fixed up for the orchids.

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Just giving my two cents worth & bear in mind I'm no expert either. I have had a lot of Sansevieria seeds both on the plant & germinated so what follows is what has worked for me.

Firstly you gotta wait for the seed to ripen, that is until it turns orange. But don't let it dry out or it may go into a long period of dormancy. When the seed is orange but the flesh is still soft, pick the seed & wash it under running water to remove the orange fleshy bits. you are left with a small hard pale cream coloured seed. Give it a couple of days only. On no account freeze it or put it anywhere nead a fridge. I have experienced frost on the lower flanks of Mount Kenya & Kilimanjaro is permanently covered in snow but as mentioned, Africa & freezing dont go together.

Put the seed in a cup full of really hot water overnight before sowing. Then sow in sand or seed compost & keep as hot as possible preferably with heating mats below. 100 degrees will not harm. You can easily get germination within ten to fourteen days but don't give up hope if nothing happens. Some can take many months to germinate.

As for availability, the CSSA seed list has had Sans seed for many years though i don't know if the last one did.

Hope this is helpful & good luck with germination.

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Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I'll certainly give it the old college try and see if I can't grow me a baby!

Denise in Omaha

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Give us a report back here. What did you learn? Accomplish?

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Nothing ever happened with the seeds - I've never had much success growing from seed, so I guess I wasn't surprised. Oh, well, Sans are all doing well at least...

Denise in Omaha

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