Western Red Cedar

delraypeteJanuary 2, 2014

I live in southern Palm Beach County in Florida, our house being right on the line between zones 9 and 10. The kind, but not forward thinking people at The Honest Company (bath and home products) sent my wife a Western Red Cedar seedling as a gift in one of her recent orders. Something as part of a campaign to plant trees. This is great except for the fact that they sent a huge cedar tree that does not necessarily grow well in our area as a gift and I'm searching for ideas of how to use it. At this point all I can come up with is Bonsai. We do not have the space to plant such a large tree where we live. It's too small to donate and it kills me to just throw it out.

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vmr423(Zone 8b, SC)

I pull up volunteer tree seedlings all the time, and they would- if I let them grow- be appropriate for our climate, unlike WRC.

If I mailed you one of our oak seedlings- unsolicited- would it just kill you to throw it out? Probably not, since oaks are common here. It's the novelty factor that's making it hard to toss it out.

On the other hand, Bonsai trees are nice...

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