S. francisii producing sticky sap?

greybird_kekeJanuary 28, 2013

My francisii recently bloomed, and now it looks like it is going to produce a pup. But it is oozing some very sticky sap, (perhaps hard to see in the photo), similar to what it did when it was blooming. Is this normal? I don't see any scale on it, or any other problems.

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bonsaigai(NY Zone 6)

I have a few other species that are doing that also, especially on new growth. I see no signs of insect infestation. Sansevieria are know for having extrafloral nectaries. Unless you see the critters, I'd let it go and worry about spraying. If you eventually see insects, consider using a horticultural oil or neem. They work quite well and are of low toxicity.

Interlaken NY Z6

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Thank you, Michael. I didn't know about extrafloral nectaries, but after looking it up, I'm sure that's what is happening.

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