New to area, rose and invasives questions

tlanci(z8b GA)January 9, 2006

Hi all:

Having develped gardens in New Mexico and Kansas City, I'm heading into my second summer in GA, and trying to learn what to do --and not do. I am enjoying the long growing season!

Two questions:

1. How do rugosas manage in this area? I've read they have problems coping with the heat, but my Terese Bugnet's survived many a midwestern blazer without too much fuss. Suggestions? Favorite roses? I've ordered a Cherokee for the semi-wild woody area out back, and a Lady Banks for the side fence.

2. What plant do you wish you hadn't planted? Any invasives or common garden thugs I need to know about?

My soil is pretty sandy, my yard is a mix of sun and shade.

Thanks, I've enjoyed lurking...


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serenoa(z8b, FL)

A friend of mine grows a few varieties of rugosas in Jacksonville. If they take the heat here, they should be fine in coastal Georgia. Earlier today, he was telling me that they are more tolerant of spider mites than any rose he has ever grown. Cherokee rose is a very strong grower that requires a lot of space but of the hundreds of plant species in my yard, it attracts the most attention when it is in flower.

I find that lower zone 8b, at least, is not covered well in gardening literature. The best way to find out about a plant is to try it yourself or ask other gardeners in your area about their experiences. You can get away with a lot more if you work with the microclimates in your yard.

Georgia may have a website for an Exotic Pest Plant Council. Florida's will list invasive plants (thugs) of interest to you at

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Your roses will have problems with the humidity more than just the heat. It makes Black Spot very happy. Don't plant that Cherokee anywhere near where you will have to walk. It's pretty for only a short time of year, and the rest of the time it will sense there is a warm body near and attack with those horrid thorns. The thorns are the worse. If it likes the spot, it could almost be consider invasive.

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Most old roses, David Austen roses, Noisettes, Lady Banks, Cecile Brunner, Don Juan do fine.

Invasives: beware of anything you pick up at a plant swap! Helianthus angustifolius and hardy ageratum (once Eupatorium coelestinum, but I think it's changed its name now) have taken over in my garden.

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Asparagus fern. I am battling this everywhere in my yard. I have covered it with cardboard and mulch, and it's still fighting it's way free...scary.

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