Pruning Gardenia Bushes

surfpnsbch(z8 NWFL)February 20, 2005

I have a gardenia bush that was planted several years ago before we bought the house. It is covered with sooty mold and I want to prune it back severly. The sooty mold is so prevalent that just spraying it won't be sufficient. Can someone tell me if gardenias bloom on old or new growth and what the pitfalls might be if I do prune it "way" back?

Thanks for any and all information.


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check this out........there is a section on pruning that is for the Florida area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardinias

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idixierose(z8b Coastal SC)

PB, thanks for posting the link to the gardenia article. It's one of the best articles I've seen on growing gardenias.

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surfpnsbch(z8 NWFL)

Thanks so much for your replys. The article is really great.

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alteredstate(8b Coastal SC)

Thanks for the link! I have a gardenia that was probably planted 30 years ago. It's under a tree, and was covered with sooty mold when we moved here last year. I haven't been able to get rid of the mold. I was afraid to prune the gardenia, but after reading the articles you provided, I'm going to go for it in October!

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I'm sorry, but for some reason i couldn't connect to the link. could you please send it again?

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We have a gardenia bush that was here before we bought our house. She is about 7ft tall and a diameter (including all the branches) is about 12ft(6ft across). She the largest gardenia I have ever seen. Unfortunately, we are re-landscaping our backyard and thought she needed to be moved where she could get more sun and better drainage. Every since then, she is just really sick and doesn't seem to be getting any better. I have fed her Gardenia food and still no improvement. I was told that I would have to prune back dramatically in order to save the bush. I feel horrible about moving her now, we may be losing her. Does anyone out there know if that is true? Help?!!

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surfpnsbch(z8 NWFL)

Hi, Sorry I don't really know much about gardenias since I only have the one. I cut it almost to the ground to get rid of the mold. It survived and is back to the original size . Looks really good this spring. The only drawback was that I only got one bloom last year. At least I saved it though.
You might try the link in the first reply to my message. It has lots of information but doesn't address your problem directly.
Good luck. Hope you save it! Sara

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Found that the article was not at all helpful in describing the pruning process. Anyone know how to prune a gardinia bush? A drawing might help.

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Nell Jean

Here's a link to the LSU ag page that talks about pruning, in a general way.

I have a gardenia that is more than 40 years old. It was overgrown, diseased and generally a mess. I started this spring with judicious pruning in a manner I thought reasonable for pruning any evergreen shrub. Mostly I cut it back severely where I needed to get past it. It's still over grown. Oil spray took care of the whitefly and sooty mold and it has some buds on old wood. As it blooms, I will prune some by cutting flowers. When it stops blooming, I'll prune a little more.

I've taken a number of cuttings from this bush over the past few years. Probably the reasonable thing to do would be to cut it to the ground, but sentiment stops me.


Here is a link that might be useful: LSU Ag on Pruning

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It is mid April and I want to cut back my gardenia is now a good time?

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My gardenia bush used to be full and lush. Now it looks awful. Hardly any leaves on it anymore. Since it is getting closer to May, is it too late to trim it? And is it safe to trim it back to the base? It is about 8 years old.

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I have a potted gardenia on my south facing deck. I thought I put it in a good spot, bit all the leaves turned black and crunchy, and fell off. How can I save this plant ?

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raskell(north ontario c)

my gardenia has little -look like cotton balls- all over. l keep cutting it back but they re appear, have used soap and water daily for about a month but cannot get rid of them. the leaves have little brown specks on them.looks like insects help

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