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jderosa(z6 NJ)January 12, 2004

Well, not much is happening in my plant room these days. I've successfully forced dormancy in just about all the Sansevierias, and flowering looks ot be pretty much complete for the year. This was another year that no seeds were set, but it is tough when I only get one plant to flower at a time. I guess that my plants are all unable to self pollinate. This will have to do, as I don't have any choise in the matter, but I would like to try to grow some from seed, as I have tried all other propegation methods with some success.

Many of my plants did put up some new growths (more about this in a couple of months when I'll need to trade some excess plants), but all of the new growth has stayed pretty small, indicating that dormancy has been achieved.

I was able to get a few new plants in the past two months, including a nice S. kirkii 'Copertone' with great coloration, a large trifasciata type that is currently unidentified, and a small variegated trifasciata clone with black/green centers and bright yellow edges.

I guess I'll have more to report in April when things start up again.

Joe 'roger and out' DeRosa

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Thanks, Joe. That last plant sounds splendid. I didn't realise Sans went dormant, or should!

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jderosa(z6 NJ)

Well, truth be told, most plants slow down when they get less light, cooler temperatures, and less water. I called this 'dormancy' which may not technically be what is happening, but seems to work best for me in Zone 6.

It has been a very mixed season so far - the weather hasn't been normal for the past few months. We've had unseasonably warm weather (up to 55 F, which makes everything I have indoors want to grow), punctuated with unbeleavably frigid weather (down to 0 F - which makes everything want to die), followed by another warm spell.

It has been tough to get the plants to 'settle down' with such wide temperature fluctuations (and the ensuing humidity fluctuations). My Sansevieria look particularly unhappy when actively growm over a winter - the growth is all soft and unnaturally shaped. So I try and force things to stop growing without killing the new growth - a delicate balance sometimes (and not always successful, as all of my now dead S. trifasciata hahnii will attest to).

ALl I can say is that I have finally made everything stop growing, and I think I haven't damaged anything.

Joe 'Time will tell' DeRosa

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We've had a wierd winter too. Temps are occasionally spiking up to around 70F and then plunging to 30 at times. We just got over almost a whole week of freezing lows and still really cold highs. We're back up to milder temps between mid to upper 40's to mid to upper 60's and even the occassional break into 70F. I wish spring would just get here so we can stop playing games.


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elsier(z6 KY)

Joe, I have never had seeds from my Sans! But I already have so many pots of them that they would totally overrun my greenhouse if I also tried growing from seed, I am afraid!


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