Sanseveria with no roots

lunarlassFebruary 13, 2004

I have just rescued a sanseveria (the most common type you find in the shops. It has been overwatered and a lot of leaves have rotted off. There is just a small "lump" at the base of the leaf clump. The leaves are really thin, not enough light I guess. My questions are:-

Can it be saved in it's present form (I just put it back in a pot


Should I take leaf cuttings? and will it remain variagated?

Also what is the best soil mix?

Thanks, I've never grown these before.

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SoCal_Janine(z10 CA)

Try this:

-Dip the end in rooting hormone
-Put it in a pot in some cactus/succulent potting mix
-Water it and also mist the leaves
-Take some plastic wrap and wrap it like an Easter basket
-Tie the top
-Poke a few holes in for a little air circulation (not much!)
-Put it in an area that gets bright shade - no direct sun
-Wait 2-3 weeks

After a few weeks, open the bag and mist it again. No water unless it looks very dry. Close it up again and wait some more. Try wiggling the plant gently - when you feel some resistance, you've got roots!

Good luck...

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if you never achieve roots at bottom, you can produce more plants by just propagating cuttings of the leaves. make sure that the segments are upright. cut leaves into 4 to 6" sections & let cut callus for 2 days. plant sections into well drained soil. don't water for first week. roots should appear in 1 - 3 months & new plants within 5 - 7 months

Here is a link that might be useful: How to propagate from cuttings !!!

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I'd be careful with the watering and misting. Also if you propagate by leaf cuttings you'll lose the yellow edge if your plant is S trifasciata laurentii.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I have rooted many Sans from single leaves. I too would be cautious about watering it & would recommend against misting it. They don't need it (will be just fine w/out it) & it could lead to rot.

I find a Sans. leaf which has calloused for a few days will prop just fine in almost any kind of mix (as long as it's fast draining, maybe add some perlite to your mix, even if you use C&S mix), given enough time, decent light & almost no care. Have found rooting hormone to be completely unnecessary w/ these & I would definately NOT enclose it w/ plastic or any kind of wrap (even if holes are made in it for air circulation). I would still be concerned that this could lead to rot.

The main thing these need to propagate is time & light. Also pls. be sure to remember to put the cut side down into the mix, if potted upside down, they will not root.

Have fun & good luck, I find this to be interesting & rewarding.

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If by variegated you mean the green Sansevieria trifasciata Laurentii with the yellow leaf edges, then no, it will not be variegated if you root leaf cuttings............try to save the plant with with rooting hormone as someone suggested.


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