An advice needed!

josmikFebruary 3, 2013

I'm the new one here but I have some sanses for more than 30 years. I doubt about next: 2 leaf cutting of S. Golden Hahnii produced total of 5 plantlets. Two of them are reverted plain green Hahnii and 3 of them at first appeared like albino but by the time got a bit yellowish tone with pale greenish shades. The reverted ones are strong and dominate the pots. The yellow ones are slower growing but look healthy and happy, too. Soon I must divide and repot them but I'm afraid the yellow ones won't be able to survive once separated from the mother leaf... am I wright or wrong?! Any oppinion or advice would be much appreciated... thanks and greetings to all of you from Croatia!

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Welcome and thanks for showing your plants here. You are lucky to have been able to root those leaves. They are the most finicky of the bunch. Looks good.
Sorry to say, but your right about loosing those white ones when separated from the leaf stock. Take those all green ones off and leave the white ones attached and see if any green comes into them as they age. If so, you might be able to grow them out. But the odds are against you.
Please keep us informed. Also how did you get those leaves to root. Temp., light everything.

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Stush, thank you very much for your helping advice. I'll try to keep the yellow ones attached to the mother leaf. It all started when I put 3 entire leaves in a glass with water. One leaf rotted soon after that. The other 2 leaves sat in water for about 5 weeks - one of them developed roots and the other started to rot. I cut off the rotten part and put the leaves in a 50:50 mix of garden soil and sand. It took 3 more months for plantlets to appear. I keep my sanses on the windowsills just above the radiators so they all have plenty of warmth and bright light / direct sun and I water them once a week. I'll keep you informed :)

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I'm curious... if I'm not mistaken, the mother leaf will eventually die off. Will this create an issue with the yellow leaves if/when that happens?


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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

As long as it had roots feeding it, I don't see that happening soon. If long enought, maybe the yellow/white leaves may develop some green enought to keep it alive.
Like I said 'only time will tell'. What do you think? I am still a nebe here.
Like you, water sans works. Heat here is important and natural bright light.
Adding to my list of knowage. Thanks. Keep us posted.

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Planto, yellow and white leaves in this case mean there's lack of green pigment - chlorophyl. This lack disables plants to perform photosynthesis and that's the reason they might die without support of the mother leaves.

Stush, appearance of pale greenish areas on some leaves is promising.. I hope it might turn to more green by the time :)

This time I post a pic of two thriving sanses at my office window. Laurentii reached 105 cm and Superba 'only' 47 cm :)

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

That's just what those plants were born for. Looks beautiful. Nice contrast.

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Stush, thank you very much for your supporting comment! :)

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