tonit69(9a TX)March 2, 2005

Live in Crosby, just outside of Houston zone 9a. What kind of Hydrangias will do good here? Ground is clay and alkaline.Planted some b4 but they stayed the same size and died the next year.Put sand and peatmoss in bed (mixed with the clay)Bought them at Lowes.Planted on south side of house/overhang of roof and there's 3 trees about 15 ft shading the house also. They got morning light and very late afternoon light

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Hey tonit69,
I planted hydrangias last year as well. They didn't do well. This year they seem to be resprouting and look
green and healthy. Not very big yet but healthy. Check
with your local garden center they should be able to
give you an idea for your area. Good luck.

Harvey, LA

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