Pot sizes for Hahnii?

lme5573February 15, 2014

Yesterday I added a Jade Hahnii to my little collection of sans. It fills the 3" plastic pot, and I'd like to pot up when it's warmer. I have had the Jade Dwarf Marginata for a year, and that one has many pups and I can't wait to give it a chance to expand.

Should I look for a wide, shallow pot? Or stick with the standard tall and wider pots? I'd like to put my sans on my back porch this summer, I can manage it so they stay in the shade, and I hope the extra heat encourages them to add new pups and fill the pots.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
Lennie in Michigan
Waiting for the snow to melt.

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

That's an interesting question. I don't have a definitive answer. However, a 3" pot does seem a little on the small size. I would suggest a 4" - 5" one. And since the rhizome circles the pot, a circular shape might be best.

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I've seen 4 1/2 in. Azaela clay pots at BBS. They are shorter than the average clay pot and just a tad wider. The thing I dislike about increasing pot sizes is that the jump to the next seems too deep. Azaela pots seem to take that jump down a couple notches. Hope this helps.


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Thanks, Planto. That's exactly what I was trying to say - the next size wider always seems too deep. I'll keep looking at my BBS, and maybe I'll get lucky. :-)


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Sure thing. Let us know if you find any and show us a picture of your repots! :)


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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

If you can't find a suitable pot, try filling the bottom half with gravel. Next best thing.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I would respectfully recommend that you do NOT fill the bottom half of the pot with gravel or any other large material. The finer mix on top of the gravel will fill in the gaps and actually impede drainage, resulting in a saturated layer immediately above the gravel.


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I was at HD this morning, and found a very nice clay pot - it is about 6.5" diameter, but only 4" tall, priced at $1.98. I snatched 3, one for each hahnii and one for inventory.
Now I'm waiting for warmer weather so I can work on the back porch. Today's high is 37, then it goes colder until Thursday.
Lennie in Michigan

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I hope it works out for you. 3" to 6" does seem a bit of a jump, but it will help not being all that tall. It's going to be freezing a couple days here this week. When will Spring make an entrance? Thanks for coming back and updating us. Update us again once you notice them taking off in their new "homes." :)


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Planto I can't wait for Spring. It dipped into the teens again last night. I had some daylily seedlings growing under lights all winter at my office. I was hardening them off and put them out for the weekend in a protected area but they got killed on Sunday night when the temps dropped earlier than expected. Darn! My Sans are suffering through thier winter too....some in bright windows or under lights are ok but due to space limitations some suffer in darker corners and have lost a lot of leaves.
Lennie- I think that is a good pot choice and you will be amazed at how they take off outside over summer. ONce the temps warm up and they are outside they seem to like extra moisture and you can acclimate them to more sun if you want. I put mine in parts of the yard that receive sun at the beginning or end of the day. The trick is acclimating them slowly when they first go out. They may seem to sit there and do nothing for the first part of the summer but all the activity will be underground. Usually I get an explosion of new pups right before they come back in.

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I'm sorry to hear you lost your seedlings. Our weather has been crazy too. Last week it got up to 79 and Tuesday night it got down to 27 (the windchill made it feel like 22!). So I went from wearing a pair of shorts outside to wearing a heavy coat, lol.

I can't wait for Spring either. I keep having to bring in my tomato plant and Geraniums (they're really Pelargoniums, but you know how businesses label things) in at night a few times already. If it gets below 40, I get nervous, so in they go!

I'm also sorry to hear a number of your Sans have lost leaves. Did they shrivel up and die or did they turn to mush? Good thing is, they will probably replace all the leaves they lost and then some.


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