Wisteria/Jasmine Propagation

Mayahuel(Beaufort SC)March 25, 2004


Not being a native Carolinian, I would like to start some cuttings of Wisteria and Jasmine. I am wondering if anyone has any tried and true tips for wisteria and confederate jasmine propagation. I am planning on making cuttings of wisteria to start, but I am at a loss to figure out how to duplicate the jasmine. I am also wondering if anyone has ever made a wisteria "tree" by training and pruning. I have seen the technique discussed on the web, but haven't met anyone who has done so.

Thank you :)


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The easiest way to start jasmine if you already have a vine growing is air layering. Dig a little place in the dirt, lay a vine across it, cover a few inches of the vine with dirt and place a brick over this. It roots, and then you just clip it and pot it up. Works well with azaleas too.


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Equine(z8 GA)

I was actually thinning some Jasmine and ripped out a few vines with small roots. I stuck one tiny piece in the ground and now I have a huge vine!

I had a Gardenia root itself the way Betty mentioned.

I'd love the same info on the Wisteria.

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sangdigger(NE Florida)

About the Wisteria Tree. Yes I have seen one. I live in northeast florida...Jacksonville. There are quite a few Wisteria vines growing around my area, I live in the country. However, one of my neighbors has a Wisteria tree. I have never asked how it came about but I would guess just some severe prunning. The tree is about 6 ft. tall an maybe 5 or 6 feet across. It is beautiful when it blooms. The blooms all hang down from the branches and it looks great. It is past the blooming stage now, but if you like I can try and get a picture of it for you. However, it won't do it justice now that it isn't blooming. But, yes it can be done, a Wisteria Tree instead of a vine... I've seen it with my own eyes.


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Yes, I have a wisteria tree. I began with a rooted cutting that was one vertical stem and trimmed off any new branches that grew on the stem. That was 4 years ago. Now it's about 4' tall and 6' across. The important thing is to keep any new branches pruned along the "trunk" and when it begins to vine, to weave the vinnings (sp?) back into the top. It's very easy and fun. I took woody prunings of my neighbors jasmine and dipped them in hormone and stuck them in loose potting soil to root, but I don't know if they will. I don't have the opportunity to layer as suggested so I hope this works. Good luck with the wisteria. Becky

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I have a wisteria tree. A white one and a Purple one. Yes it takes regular pruning as wisteria grows 20+ feet per year in every direction. Prune in summer b/c winter pruning reduces the flowering.

Propagation is easiest by layering a runner in a pot or dig a limb that "got away". Trust me, there will be many runners that are rooted all around the mother vine. Almost every place that touches the ground will have roots. I expect cuttings would work too, but why bother?

Take a look at a few places where the owner has lost control and make sure you want to risk this beast on your property.

Brian in Raleigh NC.

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jasmine propagation is hard with out rooting powder but a shovel worked for us . stick shovel down get lots of root i did for my sister .now hers is bigger than mine wisteria is harder for me signed tropical breeze

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