S. elegans with variegation?

youreitMarch 24, 2007

I was SO happy to see my pineapple sage return from the "great" freeze we had this year, with at least 15 stems of new growth moving onward and upward already. Upon closer inspection the other day, I found one stem that has all variegated leaves (white and green, about 5 leaves)! All of the others are the usual green. What the...?!

Any ideas?


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Here's a pic of the variegation. I notice that the new leaves of these particular stems have lost the variegation. Admittedly, I originally thought the birds had left me "gifts" on these leaves. LOL But they're definitely variegated. Must just be a fluke.


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looks like you have some mutation occurring. if the growth above that point is coming out like the rest of the plant, let me suggest pinch it back to above the variegated leaves and maybe it will send variegated side shoots.

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Thanks, Dirtface! (Never thought I'd say THAT in my lifetime...LOL) I have plenty of other "normal" stems, so I'll definitely pinch these back and see what happens. :)

I also noticed that the new leaves on the stem on the right has a bit of light-green-on-green variegation. I think I'll leave that one to see what happens, but pinch the other(s).


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Nice find!

Notice you have leaves with white centers and leaves with white edges. Usually, it's one or the other on a variegated plant. Maybe you'll end up with TWO new cultivars.

Sometimes, variegation in a leaf only shows up over time. Don't pinch too fast, unless you are making cuttings-
My focus would be on trying to take cuttings and starting the variegated variety as its very own plant. I don't know exactly how that is done in Salvia.

Be careful when you take cuttings though to leave enough of the mutation in case you don't succeed.
Good Luck!

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Well, on one or 2 of those stems, I pinched off the "normal" growth above the variegation, and I think I left one alone. Regardless, there is NO sign of variegation now. I'd think it was a dream, except I had proof. :)

I didn't watch the plant like a hawk, so I'm not sure when the white/silver disappeared....or why. I'll take an even closer look today to see if there are still hidden "mutants" down there.


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Here's a variegated Salvia, S. vanhoutii 'Dancing Flame' I got from Logee's, it has a nice bright yellow with green leaf. The bright red flowers are just now starting to come in and it is a dyanmite color combination.


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