Spacing 'Lady in red'

frank1965(z8 NWLouisiana)March 10, 2007

Can anyone recommend how far apart these should be spaced? I'm in Louisiana and everything seems to get big thru the long summmer. I don't want them to grow into a big tangled mess by midsummer. The tag says 12in but I know that's far too close because I grew them many years ago and they seemed to take over and grow thru everything. I just can't remember how I planted them. I don't mind triming now and then- just don't want to have to hack them back all the time. Thanks

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Is this in a sunny location and in sandy soil, like much of southern Louisiana? I think about 24 inches apart will work. Raised beds are good in places like Baton Rouge, to facilitate drainage from heavy rains. Compost and other sources of humus are also strongly advised.

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frank1965(z8 NWLouisiana)

Actually I live in north la where it is drier and hotter- we hardly get many showers during the summer like they do in nearer the coast. We have to water alot. This is in full sun and the soil tends towards a heavy loam although pretty well-drained- it has been heavily mulched for many years and doesn't look like the soil I started with. I was thinking about 24in too- thanks for confirming it for me. Frank

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