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Laura RobichaudFebruary 15, 2013

Hey everyone! Until I recently purchased my current three sans, the only ones I've lived with were ones my mom had eons ago. They were really tall and occasionally flopped over, so i wanted to stay away from really tall sans. My new three are about a foot tall and all have pups.

My question is do you feel that these varieties will grow tall like many I've seen? I'm sure they are mature because they have pups, but I'm not sure, given the environments they were raised in if they've only grown to 1foot tall because they've been stunted or if they are as tall as they will be given their varieties.

I know the middle is moonshine, do you know what the names of the other two are? Thanks in advance.

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Laura Robichaud

Here's a better pic of the one on the left.

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They all look like "futura" type plants......which do not grow as tall as the common trifasciata but do grow taller than the short "Birdnest" (hahni) cultivars. I like these futura plants for the reason you mentioned. I think you do have 'Moonshine' and perhaps Robustaand not sure what the edhed one is.....

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Hi Laura! Cute trio!

Ok here's my attempt to name these guys! The one on the left looks like a trifasciata Robusta. The right one looks like a trifasciata "black gold" superba.

None of these usually grow very tall.

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Laura Robichaud

Thanks to both of you for the info. Sometimes it's hard to search for info if you don't know what keywords to put into the search box. I really lucked out with my first seems they should stay about the size I'd like them to. The word is SHOULD. :)

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