leaves falling down

carole_ann(z6 TN)February 15, 2004


I have about a 6 yr. old Snake Plant aka Mother in laws tongue. It's been fine up until this year when the outer leaves have started falling down and out instead of standing straight up! It's as if the plants is "letting go to gravity" if that makes sense. The very middle ones are straight up though. I haven't changed anything about it. All I can think is I may be watering too much? It has only bloomed once and that is when it was neglected for a long time and sat dried out in a tiny pot ignored. Am I over mothering this plant? SHould I cut off the outer leaves?? It looks unruly.

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possibly... I know they're succulents, and mine are only happy when I treat them badly...

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Did you water the plant and then have the plant exposed to cold temperatures?

The flip side is that you might not have watered enough. Even though I don't water mine very much during the winter, this afternoon I found a sans with fallen leaves that were also wilted badly... hadn't watered it enough.

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