Early Valentine's Day Sans

lme5573February 4, 2013

With so much snow and cold, I had a terrible case of cabin fever. My husband had to get gas for the snowblower, and he stopped at Horrock's on the way home.

Yippee - I found two sans. One of them is Black Coral, very dark green, and lighter green chevrons. It is larger than any plant I own, the longest leaf is more than 24". I took a picture, but it doesn't show the black leaves to good advantage.

The second one is a hahnii, I think. I was looking for Gold Hahnii, but this was the only one they had. I think it is Dwarf Jade Marginata. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

It has yellow margins and the inside green part is solid dark green, no pattern at all. I looked them all over, and chose one that had 2 good sized pups. This morning I noticed some mature leaves have cracks down the center. One is actually split, the others are just a white line, but I can feel a start of a split.

What would cause the split? Too much water? Too cold? I will attach other pictures of my plant. Thanks! Lennie in frosty sw lower Michigan.

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Here's a good look at the splits.

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Another look at 2 pups.

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Black Coral - does not show the black leaves to advantage, but I think this is an older variety. Most of you probably have it or have seen it before.


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Good finds! The hahni does look like 'Jade Dwarf Marginated' which is a good grower and very nice looking. I imagine those splits are just mechanical damage from rough handling/shipping.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Lucky you. Your right about hahnii Jade Marginata. Looks the same as the ones I have. Also those splits could be from too much fertilizer. It also could be changing into a different cultivar. The strip down the middle is different. Keep an eye on it.
I have limited room for tall growing kinds but yours is beautiful. They will darken up in low light.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Picture of Black Coral I took at the Danial Stowe Bot. Garden.

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Love your sans. I purchased a hahnii jade marginata
(thanks for the name!)last summer on ebay.
It was just labled as a drawf sansevieria.
Cute little thing.
Still learning names and I've had good luck so far.
I also buy what appeals to me.
Hmmm, seems like alot appeals to me lately.

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