S. microphylla grahamii 'Berzerkeley'

vicki_ca(Sunset 14, US9)March 20, 2005

Does anyone here have experience with S. microphylla grahamii 'Berzerkeley'? It's parents are S. microphylla UCB and S. microphylla (grahamii). It is described as follows:

"It offers most of the outstanding compact habit of Salvia microphylla (grahamii) with a flower color closer to the incomparable S. microphylla UCB. This selection grows as a compact, dense, upright then spreading plant to perhaps 24" tall by 4-6Â broad. Almost all characteristics are just about halfway between its two parents. Leaves are deep blue green and moderately glossy, slightly quilted, and pungently fragrant with a characteristic musky component. Flowers are deep rose pink shaded toward blue (as opposed to salmon). Bloom begins in March and can continue through December. Growth is very dense, very compact, and not particularly brittle. Has just enough stoloniferous growth to survive being cut low to the ground, but doesn't spread noticeably except above ground. It attracts hummingbirds. It will grow in sun or shade. It is drought tolerant when established. And like other S. microphylla selections, it is hardy enough to be raised as far north as Portland."

The bold emphasis was added by me. If you have grown this, do you know whether it can really be grown in a shady area? If so, this is the salvia of my dreams. Most of my sunny garden space is filled with plants, and I need flowering perennials that can tolerate shade (with some sun).

Pictures are here: http://montereybaynsy.com/S.htm

Another photo: http://www.californiagardens.com/Plant_Pages/Salvia/salvia_microphylla_bezerkeley.htm

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CA Kate

I have quite a bit of 'Berzerkeley' in my gardens and it is as described. They get at least mornning sun, but some get full day, and I really don't see much difference in the amount of bloom or size of plants. Each Feb. I prune them back to the lowest new growth -- they are woody, so I don't think I'd take them to the ground. They are one of the few Salvias I have that actually reseed themselves -- altho' not invasively so.

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vicki_ca(Sunset 14, US9)

Thank you, Westelle. That is what I was hoping to hear. I bought several one gallon containers of Berzerkeley on Saturday for only $6. each. Then when I went out to plant them in filtered sun/shady areas, I got cold feet and decided this just didn't seem right. I was worried they would get leggy and have sparse flowers without full sun.

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