MarinewifencMarch 31, 2013

Hi all,
I am new to this forum, and not local to my area at all, i am from up north. Anyways we rent here and our property has a lot of mimosas as we are surrounded by forest. I know a lot of people don't like them and they are invasive, they were already here when I got here though.

I am wondering when the mimosas die off for the winter there is just this big branch sticking out of the ground, is that going to come back into a plant? I ask because some are in my garden (uninvited) and two i mistakenly thought were ferns :( and they got 8ft in 6 months. If they are going to come back i will need to dig out those ones that i cut to stumps, but the ones i didn't notice on my side garden are still tall branch looking things.

Also, all of them grow in a leaning fashion, like upwards and then the leaves sort of canopy on one side, imagine a lower case r. is that how they all look? is there any way to get them to look like a normal tree? Some of them have been here a few years and still do this.

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You have a lot of questions mixed in here.
1. Yes, those "sticks" will come back as small trees.
2. "Lower case 'r' "; yes, that's how they look.
3. Probably cannot train them to grow as a vertical single-trunk tree.

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You can train them to grow upright, it just takes *hard* pruning every year. Eventually they will branch and become bushier at the top.

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