Salvia Greggii

sunrisefairy(z7/tx)April 18, 2005

Hi All!

Well i work at Lowe's here in Tx in the garden center so i suppose i should know this however i'am the waterer there and not the plant specialist and i haven't gotten around to asking her this question. I could read the tag but i've come to find the tag is not the most reliable resource. So why not ask the experts?? I see alot of people asking for and buying Salvia Greggii. My question is ....How hardy is it??? I buy very little any more that i cannot at least hope to see come back up in the spring. Here in West Central TX we can expect to drop below 20 degrees a few times each winter. No snow for insulation and the cold usually blows in with a cold front and out a day or two later, never hangs around long. What do you think??

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Adam_Moore(z8 Tx)

The S. Gregii, should do just fine for you. We have simular weather here in the Austin area and they do great. Mine do best with some afternoon shade in the heat of the summer. but I've seen them growing wild in the Del Rio area full sun. cut them back every once in awhile to keep them flowering stong.

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Thank you Adam,

I think we get a little colder here than you but i really think i'm gonna give them a try.
Thanks again SunriseFairy

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vrgotx(8a Dallas, TX)

I am looking very hard at this variety for my own garden. I want a plant that will attract Hummingbirds. My understanding is that it is hardy to zone 7, which would include most of Texas.


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Mine made it through the winter here in zone 6 - southwest Missouri, but we didn't get below zero that I can remember. We don't get much snow for insulation either but wouldn't that be a good thing for a plant that likes it dry?

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Mine are in a south facing bed that has a garage wall on the north and west side but they are in the east/south part of the bed. It has some overhang of sparse oak branches that have no leaves in Winter and they have survived 24* weather for a couple of days. I mulched with redwood mulch - real hairy like. I used small stones and redwood mulch on my other tender Salvias and they all came back except the Leucantha.This is a fabulous Salvia - I call it the "Energizer Bunny" as it blooms for so long. Be careful as the branches are brittle and easily broken, otherwise enjoy.

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My greggii stayed green all winter long.

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I'm 7a, and they are green until first ice storm - long after first frost. Terrific plant !!!!!

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Yes, I've had greggii's in ground for 3-4 years now....I must admit that we had a very atypical ice storm that put nearly a foot of ice/snow on the ground that lasted for 6 weeks about 5 years ago that wiped them all out here. However, since replanting, all are fine (till some other atypical weather sometime in the future).

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Mine did great until we got 6" a rain in 24 hours. They sat in water for about 3 days, and that's what killed them. Too much water. They don't need lots of water.

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I have mine in a variety of locations, full sun but damp,part sun and dry and they all stayed evergreen and some are already blooming.
Great plant I would highly recommend it. I have some planted with a smallish ornimental grass and the contrast is very nice.

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DenaKS(6 KS)

anyone grow the variety 'Wild Thing'. I am told it will do better in my climate...survive the winters better...??

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

I'm Z8b South Tx.We don't get real cold and when we do not for long& rarely longer than 6 hours.I have the autumn sage.its in shade,but gets sun after 3,but gets sun all winter.when it gets cold I don't lose leaves,they turn purple-tinted& has a heavy spring bloom& fall bloom and will bloom till december and starts again in March.I do see hummingbirds on it mid morning and night time.

I'm hopeing to air-layer some branches for more plants in yard.anyone do this?how tall the 2nd year are they?

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Yes I have S. greggii "Wild Thing" and I love it. I am near Washington DC where winters are cold and summers are hot and humid. Really humid. Really really humid. Anyway mine has done beautifully in the year that I have had it. And it is already blooming.

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I have just bought "Wild Thing" and Furman's Red. I salvia greggii. Hey I just love salvias. I found Russiang sage at Lowe's yesterday. There were three plants in one pot.

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