S. x jamensis help with surviving 100 degrees

hybridsageApril 17, 2011

Anyone have suggestions on getting the Salvia x jamensis to

survive our summer of 4 months over 100 degrees?

I have a "Sierra San Antonio" and a "pastel orange form"

which have never made it through. F-2 (and further down the

line hybrids) have no problem.



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bbarnes001(zone 9a-b)

Mine always survive fine when put out in a spot with no direct sunlight after 4pm. We only get 90-100 for 4 months but similar to your climate. Daily irrigation during the worst weeks. Every other day when 90-100. Lots of mulch!!!


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Up here in Redding we always see temps of up to 117 degrees for 2 months of the year with very low humidity . I take those green plant stakes made of metal that you can bend . Bend the top 18 inches or so to about 45 degree angle . Use about three of them for each plant and glue 50% shade cloth to them . Just arrange the stakes around the plant to shade some of the morning sun and most of the afternoon. I only have to do this for our 2 hottest months. You could make wooden frames to do the same thing. I also tend to spray a few times a day with the hose pipe

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