Fertilizing sans

brodyjames_gwFebruary 17, 2010

Are feeding and fertilizing plants the same thing? This is the one concept in gardening that I cannot wrap my mind around!

For sans, which do I do, when and what method (liquid, powder, sticks)? They are indoor plants until about late May.


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It means the same thing to me. But then again I sure can be wrong. I have always thought fertilizer if food for plants? Use what ever is the easiest and works for you. Norma

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Look at the above message above yours and see what difference it makes where they are grown, and how, with what.
Learn from what others report. This just doesn't goes for you it goes for all of us. That is what a forum is supposed to be about, learning from each other, we should, maybe, perhaps use this forum to our advantage. I learned that perhaps I should fertilize more, and push them in the summer, and I am certainly going to try just that. Plants from Thailand all look like very fat pigs, and not the lean types from Africa. Norma

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That message is in the Sansevieria just above our postings. They are showing pictures of award winning plants, and it certainaly shows the difference on how things are grown and the difference it makes, I live in a Western State, and people from the Eastern States, think we grow ours wrongs, so I can't give advise even though they are the same species. which I don't understand because they are the same plants and should have the same requirements in order to live well. We grow San. without Peat moss, it is deadly to them here, we fertilize them just like any other plant, I have a very dry climate like in Africa, I unstand that your climate is one of high humidity, Mine don't like to be cold, so I don't water when it's cold. I would think you would follow that as well. I use a mix that dries out rather rapidly, so they won't rot, I would think that would be the same for you. My soil mix can last for years I don't need to change it but it does need fertilizer weekly in the summer months, and good watering. I use Osmocote 9 mo. kind because it last longer, and easy to use. it doesn't burn the roots, or leaves. Now if I left sometning out that you need to know please write back. Use may want to use Liquid Nox, fertilizer but follow the directions carefully and if you are getting crawling insects in the soil perhaps Bayers 2-1 Rose food stymetic fertilizer, Add a little bone meal to the soil, 1 tbs per gal. of plant, when you plant them, and perhaps a pinch of salt to the water, to make it more acid. These are only suggestions, not knowing what you use or what is obtainable for you, I hope you realize a whole book can be written on this. Please chose what is reasonable for you and try it out. slowly and safely. Good luck my friend, Norma

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Go to the San. forum which is just above us. When you open up the forums, It will say San. forum, go there I really explained this. Norma

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Isn't this the San. forum? Is there another one I'm missing here? Where exactly is it?

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