Hello...sorta new with a question

imloulou(8b Fl Gulf Cst)May 30, 2004

Hellow fellow Coastal Gardeners. I joined GardenWeb a few years ago but have not been here in a long while. I live in NW Florida.

I am desperate for an ID! I cannot for the life of me figure out what this plant is. I was thinking it is related to Joe Pye's Weed...but could not find anything in Eupatorium that is close to what I have in my garden. The closest I found was E. angulare but I could only find one (really bad) photo of it on Google so I am not really sure.

It is a perennial. It has huge leaves...some up to a foot long. I am thinking it is most likely invasive since I planted one last fall and now have about 100 of them. They are really pretty so I do not mind (for now!!) The flowers have not bloomed yet in the photo...they are just about ready to. The plants are 4 and 5 feet tall. The leaves and stems have a strong fragrance that smells like liquid bird vitamins. (I know....strange comparison but if you have this plant and you have a bird you will know what I am talking about...ROFL!!)

Any help...even a hint towards what it could be would be helpful. I have been trying to figure this out for months!!!

I am hoping this link works:



Lisa in FL

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here is your link.....
It looks like it might be a hydrangea of some kind~

Check out this link to get an accurate ID:

or you could take your pic and post it in the hydrangea forum here at GW.
It is a gorgeous plant.

Good luck & Welcome Back !!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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imloulou(8b Fl Gulf Cst)

Hi CaseysMom!

Thank you so much for suggesting the Hydrangea Forum. I went there to the Gallery and went through some of the Help ID's thinking maybe I will see it!!

Yipeeeee....I did! It is not a hydrangea but a Clerodendrum bungei. Someone else described the leaves and stems as having a "vitamin smell" LOL!! I Googled it an it is indeed my plant!

This is kinda funny because my 2 very, very favorite plants in my garden are my Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum thomsoniae) and my Blue Butterfly Bush (Clerodendrum ugandense) I just would have never guessed it would be the same genus.

You guys are great. I have not posted much because I always seem to find the answers I need by searching GardenWeb. Just wanted to say thank you...there is a ton of info here...and it is all appreciated!!

Lisa in FL

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There are lots of different kinds of clerodendrons, aren't there? I'm glad you found it. It is a lovely plant.

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Clerodenron bungei is also referred to ass Mexican Hydrangea because of the sstriking similarity. I love them.

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Nell Jean

Another common name for Clerodendrum bungeii is 'Cashmere Bouquet' and when it blooms, you will know why. Despite the acrid, skunk odor of the crushed leaves, the flowers have a very pleasant fragrance.

Butterflies love the blooms.

It's a thug, sending out runners all over the garden, but easily rogued out where you don't want it. Wear gloves so you don't have that awful smell on your hands if you pull them out. There's a house in town where they grow up through the hedge by the street and they are a beautiful sight.

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