New sans from Hirt's. Need advice please.

Sarah1502February 7, 2013

Hi! This is my first post on this forum. I received an order from Hirt's Gardens today. I ordered a Gold Star bird's nest and a Robusta Black. I think the plants I received need immediate attention. The Gold Star has 5 or 6 little plants growing in a 4 inch pot. It looks too crowded. The Robusta Black looks nice and healthy. But it, also, looks too crowded. The pot isn't cracked but it is mishapen and when I squeeze the sides I can feel the plant's roots.
Should I immediately repot these plants? I have read about Al's mix but can't find the ingredients. I did find "Cactus, Palm and Citrus" potting mix that is supposed to be fast draining and also a bag of pearlite. Would this combination work? If so, what should the mixture be?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Lucky you. I ordered the same thing a few months ago and they sent me a different one (Hahnii Marginated). I emailed and complained about it and got a reply but to no good come out of it.
If you have a warm spot in your house, ok repot it. but remember these are the most finicky of the bunch. They like bottom heat if possible. Well light or bright light but not direct sun.
My potting mix is cactus/perlite about half and half. Everyone has something different. Fast draining is the most important part. Watch your watering.
Did you buy this at his nursery or on Ebay?

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Thanks for replying Stush! What temp is considered 'warm'? Our weather has been so mild this year that I have rarely had to turn on the central heat. We fluctuate from low 40's to high 70's. Some days the house is a little cool and some days it is warm enough to open the doors and windows. Do you think I should wait and repot when the weather warms up for good? Can they stand to be that crowded for very long?

I ordered from Hirt's website which connected me to Amazon. I don't think I will do any more internet ordering. It's too risky. But, the Lowes here doesn't have much variety of plants, and the ones they do have are not taken care of properly. Our Wal-Mart is even worse than Lowes in the plant department. I don't even bother with them. I wish I had some plant friends close by to trade and talk with.

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You can always trade with other folks on this forum.......though better wait until Spring for us northern folks. We are getting a blizzard as I type this,LOL. That gold hahni will not like 40s......but I assume it is warmer in the house. If you can keep it up closer to 70, and in good light (not scorching sun, but bright light and/or a couple of hours of mornign or late day sun through a window) it should do fine. There are also some good ebay sellers but check their feedback and make sure they are sending you the ACTUAL plant in the photo so you are not dissapointed. Likewise with trades.....there are a few folks here that you can't go wrong with but if you are trading and unsure ask or a good pic ahead of time. Oh, yes you can probably leave them in the pots for a couple more weeks until the days get longer and warmer.

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This is just too funny, I too ordered the same...
along with Bantel's sensation and a Whitney.
Must be a winter thing.
I also picked up a huge black coral ($13.38)at Walmart.
DH on the same day brought home a huge sans for me.
An early V.Day present. I'll have to post a pic.
I'm wondering if plant from DH is black coral.
Not sure. I love both.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

I should make myself clear about Hirt's nursery. I have always received very nice health plants from them and never had a problem until that order placed for 'Gold Star' and Creme & Green Dwarf Snake Plant. which showed the same kind of plant. I received two completely different plants of which I already owed. But was still nice and healthy. I still complained but to no avail.
I agree with Woodnative about care. In my house, I lost one at 60 degrees. One still hanging on and don't know if it will survive. Next year, I will keep them in fish tanks with artificial lights.

Looking forward to those pictures.

Hope you didn't get too much of that storm. We lucked out again here in Pittsburgh. Just a little rain.

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My experience with Hirt's was overall positive. Just not quite what I was expecting. I was expecting a plant that I could just put into the pot I already had picked out and then maintain it. I wasn't interesting in dividing, repotting, etc. But it's all good. This is a learning experience and something my daughter and I can work on together.

A third sans that I received from Hirt's looked terrible. It should have been on clearance. It had many clipped off leaves, some leaves with brown mush at the soil level, some with mushy tips, etc. I called Hirt's and then emailed some pics. They replied the same day and apologized and refunded my money for that plant. I have taken this plant and cut off the mushy leaves, divided and repotted it. I figure even if it dies, I'm not out anything since my money was refunded.

I appreciate the help I receive here. I do not have any friends who are interested in houseplants. Wouldn't some of you up North like to move down here where it's nice and warm? :)

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Ok Sarah, now your teasing us. Also on the brown mushy parts, (which does not sound good) pour some cinnamon on those parts. It helps it from rotting. Keep dry and warm and when it seems to have healed some, add a little water. This time of year, the odds are against you. But like you said, "I figure even if it dies, I'm not out anything since my money was refunded".

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Stush, I did all that you suggested, including the cinnamon. The plants are in my laundry room which has western exposure. Now we'll see what happens. Thanks for all of your help.

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I've had good luck with Hirt's. The Whitney I recently
ordered was on the small side. I emailed Hirt's and
was promptly refunded the cost and shipping! I have
ordered easter cactus from them, string of pearls that
I just love, and curly spider that was packed full of
plants. The curly spider was ordered early last summer
and has survived a summer of frequent oof 110.
All the others are also doing well.

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lol...that was supposed to be frequent temps of 110.

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