Unknown Sansevieria

cactusmcharrisFebruary 28, 2010

Does anyone know what this one is named? It's grown one leaf in the two years I've had it. Not exactly thriving, but the only time I've grown Sans well they were in the ground.

Thanks for your help.

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Hard to say, maybe elliptica or aubrytiana. we need more info about sizes aud roughness

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Very hard to id young leaves. Jeff I am going to offer this suggestion. Often in the Spring jump start it in a new pot and clean soil. The roots may not have any space, I can't fig. out what size pot that it. S. elliptica or aubrytiana needs a larger pot, they a large growers. it's worth a try, it just may need more light to start new growth. Heat always helps water with luke warm water and glass of water next to it for humidity. Give it some fertilizer, and watch it grow. norma

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It look quite like Sans. masoniana to me.

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Stephania it could be but the leaves look too narrow, and not rounded at the top it come closer to S. elliptica. Jeff put it in a larger pot in the Spring, give it room to grow, larger species new more room this just may jump start the plant it needs rhyzomes to make leaves. Try an 8" clay pot. Keep it in the house until it settle in. As the rhizome grow the leaves will be able to take lower temps. keep it potted it like to be crowded. Even the experts often can ID a plant with only one leaf and that young. I grow all three of the plants suggested and it still doesn't look like mine. That is why I'm holding off on even a suggestion. It also looks like 6 more that I have. Norma

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Jeff I am not saying it is S. metallica but there is the possibility that it is, see if you can trace it with this name. It should grow rapid meaning faster then the slow growing species which is even slower. Tell me about the texture of the leaf both sides, check the base of the new leaves, what color? I'm asking for more clues. Norma

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Jeff each leaf will get taller, as they come up give it a larger container, the rhizomes need room to grow, or they will break the pot and come out the bottom. Norma

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Thank you Norma. sound advice for this species.
Imagine that someone actually planted three different species with particular growing habits in the SAME pot makes me wonder.


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So now I have four leaves, but it's in much too nice a pot - it could probably be divided, but I'm going to resist that.

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Put it in a cheap pot, then set that pot into a nice one for show. They can break through any pot that you put it in, and come up in asphalt driveways. I finally found a S. humiflora which could be the correct one. I have four with this label R 1881 they don't look like each other so someone is lying, They are very young perhaps all four will speak up eventually. Norma

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I should do that, Norma, but then I'd have to get a cheap pot .....yes, it sounds like someone is mistaken.

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