Stability of Sansaviera

earl_jFebruary 25, 2006

I have a plant that is probably about 5 years old. There is quite a lot of it, all in one 10" azalia pot. It all started with one long leaf, which I cut into 20 pieces 1 1/2" each; 16 of them survived. The plant is now about 3 feet tall and seems very healthy except that the plants are close together and the leaves, especially at the bottom, are quite thin, so that they the leaves don't have proper support. When I moved it from an 8" pot to a 10" pot a year ago it began to spread (at the top) and fall over because of the closeness of the leaves and the fact that the base of the leaves is so thin. Staking it with string or something to hold the planat within the stakes and hold the stakes in place is ugly. I thought about separating the individual plants, but then I read several opinions in this forum that have made me think that will be a mistake. I also read Celia's suggestion of rocks, and I may try that but I'm not sure that this is going to be suffienct to keep these guys from falling over. Can I repot it and raise the soil, burying the plant an inch or three, but I'm thinking that may cause rotting and or some other problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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vossner(z9 houston)

I don't like the falling over part. since this plant grows relatively fast, I just cut the droopy leaves off. Those ends die, I pull them out, and that results in more room for new leaves. Repeat process every so many months.

On the long sans. this is the only way I can maintain that straight as an arrow look.

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