blutarskiFebruary 17, 2008

I repotted a new sans that about a month ago, because it was almost in standing water when I bought it.

In the process, I accidentally broke off a shoot that was still white and had just started it's journey upwards- I'm not sure if it had any roots attached or not.

Feeling guilty, I put it in a small pot of soil, just as an experiment, and left it in a corner of my plant area in my bedroom, where I promptly forgot about it.

I checked it out today and was shocked to see a little green nubbin poking out at me!

Perhaps you really can't kill these plants?

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I'd say it's hard. I think that's a lot of their charm...I know that a survivor Sansevieria that my father's had for over forty years was what got me started on them. I well remember how we 'took care of it' when I was a child.


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