dastardly folding leaves!

blutarskiFebruary 17, 2008

I have a sans t. at work (low humidity, temps constant around 76 deg, no natural sunlight) that is really growing like a champ, about 4-5 shoots coming up right now.

After a long break to dry out (it came from the box-store saturated, natch) I've watered it every two weeks for the past month. The water runs through the pot very very quickly.

There is no rot, or mushy leaves, or crisping or wilting, but the leaves are folding length-wise. I know I shouldn't water it more frequently, but should I make more of an effort to soak the soil when I do water it?

Yes, another watering question, sue me! :)

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Did you repot it when you bought it? I've bought Sans. that were in very old compost, and the water ran through it the way you describe. I've learned to repot Sans. as soon as I get them, REMOVING THE OLD COMPOST. Although it sounds like yours is pretty happy, if its putting out old growth. Could it be that you're quarreling with success?

Sorry for not having a definitive answer, but these are my thoughts on your question, at least.


P.S. Only two months more, and I'll be able to put my Sans. outside! So far they're hanging on indoors, even though it's cooler than they like.

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Michaela(z6+ TN)

Nursery potting mixes are often just consist of peat moss. When peat completely dries out it is impervious to water, and when water is added at the top it will just find the quickest way out without really "wetting" the rest of the potting mix. This is what Melissa is talking about I think.
If your peat is very dry on the surface, you can "rewet" it by soaking it overnight in a saucer and the moisture will wick up. If your leaves are folding, it sounds like lack of moisture might be a problem.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I second, or third, or whatever. It sounds as if it needs repotting.

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

If you decide to repot, do not use peat moss. I am of the opinion that they need the same requirements no mater where you live. Home: Right size of container, Warmth in Winter, little water, and if you do make sure it is warm water, do not over water or the leaves will split, down the middle, get scallop leaves, they grew to fast, etc. The tips may dry up as well, some San just have white tips. FOOD: They will need steady supply fertililzer after you water in the summer.
AIR: just like we do WATER: steady every week in the summer

LOCATION: Some will need more sun than other , some more humidity, some partial shade others full shade. Those with thin leave need more shade, those that are thick more sun, variegated more light.

PEST: Patrol, they should not have any. End if Conversation.
LOVE: They will need your attention and love, Change their soil every two years, this gives you a chance to look at their roots, and see if they need more soil, the plant will eat everything that is in your mix except the pumice or rocks. Check and see the condition of thier pots, did they break it, or has it begun to turn oval intead of round if so they may just may split it after the next watering. I hope I explained that so all of you can understand what these plants need and require no mater where you live. Even in Alaska. Ask questioes. Norma

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