ID ing a VERY old Sansevieria

swanwillowFebruary 25, 2007

I was sent here to try and figure out what exactly I have.

sounds funny, eh? thats what you THINK. Its a 20 year old something... probably older than that. It has never gotten bigger. I thought it was a bromeliad, but was fixed on that opinion. So what I can say is that it doesn't get bigger, and it looks bad at the moment.

I'm looking to partially ID it so that I can care for it in the best way possible.

I have pictures posted at another site, and the whole story behind the poor thing.

Its in a 6 inch pot.

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

Sorry the only way to see the picture I must join that forum which I don't choose to do. You may email me privately and send the picture along. I am quiet willing to do the best I can. How old is the plant, there were very few offered for sale before 1978 If you want to do something for it. Take it out of the pot and divide the plant, and give each half fresh soil, it must be kept warm during the winter months, with very little water. I sure others here will be able to help you. When it is warm you may water once a week, and fertilize after. It probably is root bound, and needs new soil, and a larger pot.
It will not grow large with out room to grow and food.
It also may need some light shade, or bright shade. Can you describe the leaves. Some of us on this list will probably tell you what you have. There are places on line where you can go and look at pictures. Norma

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oh, I'm sorry...

didn't realize... I'll host them quick..

its over 20 years old. Been in the family that long. Had some good days, some bad days...right now is a mediocre day

I don't recall it ever blooming in any way, just shooting out babies on the bottom

my hand is 6 inches long, for a comparison on the size.

oh, yes, there is a lot of damage... it takes quite the beating. I saved it from the trash about 5 years ago, and its my most neglected plant... poor thing.

Here is a link that might be useful: my pictures of the plant

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ack.. that won't work, this will though

*stupid thing*

Here is a link that might be useful: HERES the plants

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

it's looks to me like a S. Tri. hannii whch doesn't not like water in the winter, also I think new soil would benefit in the Spring. Now right now I would add some soil over the exposed roots, and take off any leaves that are ugly. Add a small gravel top dressing. So far the plant has not rotted so I think you must be doing a good job. Water from the bottom only, but don't let the pot stand in the water. I dont know where you live, so is it kept warm by gas heater, I'm going back up and look at the pictures again, I had difficulty seeing the picture large enough for me to be sure. It's not a water problem, it a soil problem, and it will need reg. waterings in the hot months May-Oct 1
New soil will give it a jump start, looks all soil has been used up. It's very difficult trying to tell you what to do when I don't have aa clear picture of it's growing conditions. I just trying to be accurate, and give you some information to go on. When you start to water, water thoroughly and consistantly. Fertilize with osomocate, so you wont' over do it. Use Epi soil which is fast drining . Stay away from Peat Moss, it doesn't matter where you live. Keep the plant warm about 60-79 year round with little flutations. If I didn't write clearly enough, please ask questions. The pot should be about 6" depending on the size of the plant. (the root mass) it loves to be crowded. I hope this may be of some help, there is moe than one way to do this. Norma

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Norma, what's 'Epi' soil?

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