Secret Santa Thanks (One More Time)

rick_in_va(7 VA)January 5, 2012

Most sincere apologies for being so late in my thank-you's for the Secret Santa Swap. I think I have safely waited long enough to claim the prize of coming in last. I just couldn't bring myself to start sprouting these wonderful seeds without saying "Thank You" first.

But if anyone else is still out there procrastinating and feeling guilty but afraid it is too late, go ahead and make the last bid. If I can do it, so can you.

The surprising thing for a newcomer to this swap is how much response and joy it has created. I am a simple dirt digger, and I suspected this swap was going to be a long way around the barn just to get a few seeds. What I discovered is that it was a lot of fun for an adult guy to watch for the postman to come every day (maybe we could space out the mailings a little to make it last longer).

And surprised at what a virtual community has sprung up around this swap. Certainly not cut-and-dried seed swapping, but now I get it - that is the whole point! I will be sad to see it all end' but we will meet again another time another swap. Maybe next year?

Kym, I can sense that we participants were not the only ones who got a kick out of this swap. You obviously enjoyed hosting this, spreading joy and seeing you guests having fun. For a gal who can't garden herself, please know that about 100 people all over the country will be growing flowers and veggies with you in mind. (I will put up a seed stick with your name on it at the garden gate.) So really you are gardening big time. Thanks for your dedication and gifts to all of us in this holiday season.

I was surprised at how many cards I received, and what wonderful seeds. Many thanks go out to you -

Faye from TN for the nice card and calendula seeds. ( Is there a picture of you posted? I mean, "nottougly" does stir one's curiosity...)

Tanya of CA (habitat gardener) for the hilarious card (LOL) and emerald okra. Will be sprouting it soon. Any chance you are a naturist who is into permaculture and sustainable landscapes? (My neighbor next door is Alexis Zeigler. We both talk to our plants, but mostly listen.) Happy solstice back atcha.

Vina from NY (flowergirl34) for the Texas card and white millet. Never tried that one before. Any hints on growing and harvesting it? What's a cowgirl like you doing in NY anyway?

Odin and Thor of PA (Oh, also Lois and Jeff the humans - aka "Lois") for the beautiful traditional nativity card and lemon balm. Did you post a picture of the hairy guys on GW yet? I would like to see who really sent me the card!

Annie out in Trabuco Canyon (canyonwind) for a card very reminiscent of the desert and for dill, anise, and kale. How do you get anything besides cactus to grow out there? Lots of stars at night, though. Wish I had a poetic screen name like that...

Alyssa another Lone Star girl (dbannie04) for the beautiful crabapple and wren card and for the marigolds, dill, okra and coneflowers. I have a bird feeder right outside my living room window, but I don't get to see any of the migratory west coast birds the way you do. Will love growing your seeds, thanks.

Margie in OH (onedaylily) for the gorgeous saw-whet owls (Sierra Club does the coolest cards!) and for the calendula and three distinctly different basil varieties. I will enjoy cooking with each one of them, can't wait. Also, I used to visit the Dawes Arboretum when I was a grad student. Lovely, isn't it?

Wrapping up now, special thanks and mention to the following -

Janine in CT (jaynine) for the cute card and the kale, calendula and hyssop. Very nice! Janine, your footprints are all over this swap and others. Thanks for returning the favor of the pumpkin stick seeds from the Canadian swap (hope there were some left for you). I'm sure we will meet again.

Grace in Jamaica NY (celeegra) for the beautiful art print card by Trento Longaretti, the famous Italian painter (I hope to frame it) and for the okra and lemon balm. And the coolest "forever stamp" I have ever seen. Auguri -- buon natale, buone feste! Muchas gracias y felicidades!

Heidi out in Cornhusker Land (xiangirl), who is an artist in her own right. I won't mention how special your card was, 'cuz I'm sure you couldn't have done this for everyone (or else you buy exacto blades by the case). But it was amazing ... I have it penned up on my bulletin board to remind me to do this again next year. Oh, and your seed packets are way better'n Burpeys. You are a commercial artist, right?

Finally, I have to mention actually receiving a card of thanks from Charles in WA (comfrey comfort), a fellow herbalist. I'll bet that fascinating postcard must have been from your visit to Italy and Sicily. What an architect's paradise, no? Not to mention art and music lovers. So to you, too - Buon natale! Buone feste! I will be sending you an email with suggestions for planting, harvesting, and medical use of the Passiflora incarnata I sent you.

(P.S. I sent Passiflora to several people. If anyone else would like the instructions, just send me an email.)

Guess I got a little long here, so I will wrap up. Thanks to everyone for such enthusiasm and generosity. What an online party this was!

Kym Amaral, we love you, we appreciate you, and we behold the Spirit of Christmas in you!

Rick Bayless

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Nicely said Rick!

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Thanks Rick..your post made me cry ! I have a huge love for flowers and for the wonderful people here on GW. Still hosting this swap allows me to enjoy them both :)

Hosting this swap the past 4 years , I have met some of the nicest people, made friends, and it brings TONS of joy into my days.

Thanks for your kind words, it was very nice of you to take the time to write !

~Until Next year...our 5th year, I will be thinkin up some new fun !! Kym

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Kym, you bring so much joy in to my life and so many others. Thanks.................

Happy New Year!


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habitat_gardener(z9 CA/Sunset15)

Rick, you're welcome. No, not a naturist. I grow a bunch of perennial vegs and have studied permaculture but don't own land, so I do what I can. I'm curious about what card I sent -- I didn't realize any of my assorted cards were funny!

I just heard that a SASE I sent to someone else arrived empty, without the note and without the sase. I didn't tape any of my envelopes, and 6 of the ones I sent for the secret santa swap are still MIA. I guess the lesson for next year is to tape all edges or else send all bubbles (but to fewer people).

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rick_in_va(7 VA)


You sent me a card showing a postman on a rickety bicycle attempting to deliver all 12 days of Christmas including the partridge in a pear tree. Cracked me up!

Sorry to hear some of your cards went awry. The regular card envelope you sent me came thru fine. I never mail out cards from my own mailbox because of bad experiences, but drop them in the big blue box. Even then, you can't be sure. Times are tough nowadays.

Thanks for the card, and the follow-up. Rick

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habitat_gardener, 2010 a lot of cards in the SSS arrived in pretty bad shape.
I received one that was 3 separate pieces. The envelope was in 2 pieces, with the card and seeds between them.
This year I covered the seeds with tape inside the card and put a piece of 2" tape on all 4 sides of the envelope.
I believe that worked pretty good, although I too have 4 cards still unaccounted for.
I had them all weighed at the post office, and most was sent with 1 stamp, although different clerks charged different amounts.

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Hi Rick,

Odin and Thor said they are delighted that you liked the card and the seeds. If you want to see what their catly selves look like, you can go to the following thread and scroll about a third of the way down:

I too, received a lovely postcard from comfrey comfort... I am not sure if that is him or someone else in the picture. How nice for whoever it is that he never has to worry about leaving his trowel(s) out in the grass to be found by the lawnmower....

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