Wintersowed black and blue sprouts

hummersteveApril 7, 2008

I have heard several people say that they didnt have luck doing this and I having had a great deal of trouble trying to germinate b & b seeds decided to give this a try . To my amazment I discover I have a few sprouts, one in particular aggressive sprout which looks like its up about an inch already. I didnt know what to expect [ no results i guess] so I used what I had on hand which happened to be composted manure 05-05-05. I know this wouldnt normally be the thing to use , but I was desperate on these guys and I know these may not come true, if they live, but I now have hope for them.

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Steve - The species guaranitica is a great plant. I don't think you'd be disappointed even if they're more like the species rather than B&B. The hummingbirds will like them either way.

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Black & Blue along a warm wall began showing green growth yesterday. Out in the colder yard Brazil and other B&B still appear dormant. Who knows whether Van Remsen or x Purple Majesty will return. Black & Blue has been in the garden for many years now, it took me at least five years to have faith that they would survive the winter. In those days it was a real worry, you couldn't go down to the local market and pick them up for $5.00 a pot. And I hadn't learned about mail ordering over the internet - plants and information were hard won.

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