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nbarringerJune 27, 2007

I recently purchased a Muskogee Crape Myrtle. I did not know that this particular variation of tree grew to be 20-30 ft. tall and 20 ft wide. I planted on the edge of my flower bed about 3ft away from the house. And it is spaced about four ft away from some azalea bushes I planted. I planted it last week. Should I go ahead and move it to the yard? or can I just keep this tree pruned small.

What should I do?



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prettyphysicslady(8B/N. Houston)

Many people heavily prune Crepe Myrtles every spring. It doesn't seem to bother them much.

Or you can move it and let it grow out. I prefer to let mine grow out but it's really personal preference.

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I planted 2 crape myrtle trees last week on either side of my house. One is doing wonderful, the other I am afraid is dead or dying. All of the flowers have wilted away and the leaves are all droopy. We have gotten a good bit of rain and I have watered the tree on dry days. Both trees have received the same treatment and both get the same amount of sun/shade. Is there something I can do to help the tree, or should I take it back to the store to get another one to plant in its place. Help me please!!!

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I also just planted an Acoma (Semi-Dwarf) crape myrtle in a corner of my house. It's about 6 feet out from each side of an "L" corner. I'm second guessing whether or not I should have just put a pretty shrub like a Blush loropetalum.

Anyone have any experience with Acomas next to a house, or with second-guessing purchases for that matter? My wife may have me staying under the Acoma if I take it out!!

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