Navajo Purple

warddaApril 29, 2009

After comments from last year I didn't expect to see any of the Navajo series in the market this year. This is the first I've seen the purple one. What is the stature like on Navajo Purple? There are five of them in the trunk which will get planted in the greggii/microphylla hedge and I need suggested spacing. The flower is quite a saturated purple.

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My Navajo purple is 3' wide by about 10" tall it is a not as
compact a plant in contrast to....
Navajo Red which has been in bloom for me the past 4 months
and has foliage and flowers like 'Cherry Queen'.
Navajo Rose is starting to bloom very nicely also.Hase the greggii foliage. I have a similar plant(to Navajo Purple) called S. 'Neuvo Leon' for Mexico collected
by Pat McNeal.Same purple flowers lighter green foliage,same
fuity smellin foliage about the same size plant very open also. Stampede Lavender just did make it through last year's
drought.A much more compact plant.Have not seen any seedlings from it either.Rich has the scoop on these plants

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Navajo Purple was submitted to Ball Seed for trialling as Yucca Do's accession S. lycioides x greggii `Los Lirios', and is a spreader like the other similar hybrids and S. muelleri, which I got from Manuel Flores when he had his nursery in Bandera back in 1991.

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Navajo Bright Red was probably the first greggii type I ever grew. Mine grow about 2.5 tall and less wide. It appears they took a terrible hit this winter. So far only two of seven show signs of life.

I have heard of muelleri but have never been able to get my hands on one. Isn't it one that has shown hardiness in zone 7?

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My Navajo Red greggii took a hit after our 2nd snowfall (they looked fine until then). They were all planted in 2007. Out of the five, I cut four of them back to the lush foliage at the base and they are GREAT right now but not blooming (after two weeks). The fifth is about 3' x 3' and is blooming right now. It has the strong base foliage and some spindly branches, so I may cut it back slightly after this bloom as the others look so much stronger (they won't splay or break).

greggii 'Dark Dancer' are blooming.

greggii 'Diane' and 'Texas Wedding' planted in September are blooming.

greggii 'Cherry Queen' just planted last week are blooming, even though they are tiny right now.

I was at JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh on Wednesday and all of the greggii that I saw were in bloom; especially showy 'Diane'.

I'm in zone 7b, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

I am looking for local sources of the Navajo series in North Carolina. Mail order will also work. Has anyone some info for me?

Though late out of the starting gate, all of my greggiis and microphyllas are either in bloom or about to. It will be a short season, unless we get a lot of clouds & cool weather, with a little rain.

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Rich - I sent you an email about the wholesale source that I used.

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Hi...can anyone give me their expereinced with the Navajo purple and white? thanks bobby

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My S x Neovo Leon looks like Navajo Purple.
Our soil here is alkaline clay but all my beds are
raised so it drains well. It is located in 4 hours of western sun and thriving.So are some other greggii x
lycioides hybrids in the same location.

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None of the Navajo Purple planted last year returned in spring. This year Ultra Violet is being tried. They managed to survive several months of blazing hot weather with little rain and are now flowering moderately. There are a nice change from all the pinks, raspberries and reds.

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I planted three Ultra Violet last year and they are doing well. The white Texas Wedding is a lovely, short variety if you want a break from the other colors.

My Navajo (Bright?) Red produced seedlings that bloomed true to the parent. I transplanted two from beneath the mother plants and those are already a nice size in one season. This is the 4th year for my NR.


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Yes, the standard white greggii is a good one, very hardy. Strangely, most of the seedlings that appear at its feet are a dark pink. A nearby patch of the pink Greggii Wild Thing tends to put out white seedlings. Recent rains here allowed all the greggii and microphylla to come into heavy bloom - what a joy they are.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)


Do you have any digital images to share?

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Rich, if you tell me what basically you are looking to see I will ask a friend to take some photos. I can't say that any of the seedlings are extraordinary flower wise - on a par with what is available in the trade already. The Neurepia row is kind of fun with its variation in bloom types - all from the original plant you supplied to me. While I am hoping for some especially beautiful flowers to appear I am mainly looking for really hardy and vigorous seedlings and I have a few of those. There is an apparent cross between Raspberry Delight and San Carlos Festival that is particularly explosive. The original plant which has been moved several times in the last five years is currently about 6 feet across and gets very thick. Expect some emails in the next few weeks.

The seedling from Silk's Dream I mentioned this winter still hasn't bloomed yet which I don't consider a good sign. There is another seedling in the garden that by smell could well be another which hope will bloom in September. Even though it all doesn't go smoothly and easily it sure is fun. Robin's seedling photos give me hope.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

The apparent cross between Raspberry Delight and San Carlos Festival and the row of neurepias sound interesting. Do you have any particularly nice plants of any of the known varieties that would make iconic or archetypal images? Any plant image that brings out the plants true character would be nice. This is especially true if all of the various cultivars are growing under the same conditions.

Cabrillo College can't grow greggiis well at all, so your plants sound ideal for photographic work.

If I get to take a trip to visit my family late summer or early autumn, I'll drop in with my camera and take some pictures myself.

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If you are traveling on a weekday just give some notice, I would appreciate a visit and will take a vacation day if needed. Whether they are iconic or not would be for you to decide. Since the heat moderated somewhat and we finally had some rain many of the greggii, hybrids and microphylla are in their glory. The salvias at the park because of the barren conditions never do quite as well as the examples at home, but the park has lots of examples of most of the types that are hardy for me.
Some of them include: 2 Plum Wine, 20+ Raspberry Delight, a dozen confused Neurepia, a Stampede, 5 Hot Lips, 2 Lipstick, 1 White mixed up with seedlings, about 15 Wild Thing, 2 Big Pink, 3 18th of March, and bunch of others which aren't come to mind. The whole median garden has about 150 of these types although many are unnamed plants under observation. In no way should this garden be compared with the great gardens of the west. It is the best we can do with just a few helpers and no money. If you would like I will pull a couple of photos of the median taken other years by one of my helpers. It might help you decide whether you want to stop or not.

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