Crinum Jumbo Seeds, Free for Postage

conroe_joe(9a)June 18, 2006

Hi Gang,

I have seeds from Crinum bulbispermum Jumbo hybrids from Marcelle Sheppard. Marcelle has provided hundreds of Crinum Jumbo seeds for free to anyone willing to send a $4.05 Priority Mail stamp and a return label. The deal is this; if you send a Priority Mail stamp ($4.05) and a return label, IÂll send you the seeds anywhere in the continental USA. There is no markup or profit made by Marcelle or by me.

If you are in other areas of the world perhaps I can send the seeds, but write to me first at my email address. Maybe I can send the, or maybe not; sometimes sending seeds to other countries is a problem.

IÂll send you 15-20 mixed Jumbo seeds from MarcelleÂs garden. SheÂs happy to share them and. DonÂt send cash; just send: 1) the $4.05 stamp, and 2) the return address label. Write to me at (Conroe Joe) to make sure I still have seeds, but I have at least 400 seeds to give away.

As you may know, the Jumbos are derived from a complex hybrid line produced by Mr. Les Hannibal. He forwarded select plants to Marcelle 20-25 years ago and since then she has culled the progeny, keeping only those plants with the best colors, rebloom, and substance, etc. Each year she allows them to interbreed in her garden and this year has a bumper crop of seeds.

The basic info page for the C. bulbispermum Jumbos is at:

LINK: C. bulbispermum Jumbos

Remember: If you want seeds, please write to me off-list: (Conroe Joe). They are free of charge, but youÂll have to send a Priority Mail stamp and a return-address label (Yup, IÂm to lazy to write out dozens of labels).

They are easy to grow out, and bloom in 3-4 years if all goes well. They are exceptional plants for the Gulf Coast, the middle South, the southeastern USA states, and Florida. With a bit of protection when young they are happy in USDA zone 8. Anecdotal repots indicate that C. bulsipermum-type hybrids can do OK in USDA Climate Zone 7 if provided with the conditions that they want (mulch in winter, sunny winer location).



(in Conroe, TX, where the Crinum are still blooming happily)

Here is a link that might be useful: Crinum Jumbo Hybrids, Info

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Would love to have some. I just emailed you to get the address where to send the postage. Hope you still have the seeds. Thanks

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Do you still have Jumbo Seeds? Would love to get some.

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